Oh no! Gender Shock! Help please!

I have been back and forth on names for my daughter. I had finally found two I absolutely love: [name]Musetta[/name] and [name]Aurora[/name]…only problem is when I had an ultrasound yesterday they didn’t see a girl. They saw a boy. I thought they were kidding but it looks like it is indeed a boy! Now I am in complete gender shock! I have a few boys names I like but none that I love…

I really need your help berries! I am due in early [name]September[/name]!

I am looking for an unusual name (so please try not to suggest something from the top 1000). Also if it ends in O that would be a plus!


OMG! What a shock
[name]How[/name] about:
These are just off the top of my head. I’ll have another look in a min

Something similar just happened to my x-sister in law! She was told it was a girl, only to find out the very next day she was actually having a little boy!!

While I’m not crazy about the name [name]Musetta[/name], [name]Aurora[/name] is beautiful.

Names I think might fit your style :

[name]Luka[/name] / [name]Luca[/name]

Hmm, let me do some research. Isn’t that a bummer about the gender thing!!

1002 Xian
1007 [name]Vincenzo[/name]
1008 [name]Ernesto[/name]
1009 [name]Chad[/name]
1022 [name]Cale[/name]
1036 [name]Gio[/name]
1077 Kaison
1080 Thiago
1110 Darsh
1114 [name]Sid[/name]
1117 [name]Zechariah[/name]
1135 [name]Neo[/name]
1136 Jad
1139 [name]Gino[/name]
1142 [name]Jasiah[/name]
1143 [name]Jojo[/name]
1152 [name]Alonso[/name]
1161 [name]Mariano[/name]
1173 [name]Apollo[/name]
1193 [name]Huxley[/name]
1198 [name]Ash[/name]
1199 [name]Maximo[/name]
1202 [name]Lloyd[/name]
1203 [name]Nikko[/name]
1227 Zayn
1228 Aleksander
1256 [name]Jaxsen[/name]
1257 [name]Kenzo[/name]
1258 [name]Giancarlo[/name] (nickname [name]Carlo[/name] is cute)
1259 [name]Jed[/name]
1264 [name]Alek[/name]
1271 [name]Ignatio[/name] (nickname [name]Iggy[/name] or Iggo is cute!)
1277 [name]Fynn[/name]
1285 [name]Jethro[/name]
1288 [name]Olly[/name]
1334 [name]Sky[/name]
1335 [name]Ethen[/name]
1336 [name]Paulo[/name]
1337 [name]Slade[/name]
1340 [name]Abe[/name]
1341 [name]Aldo[/name]
1353 [name]Forrest[/name]
1358 Yash
1396 [name]Rafe[/name]
1404 [name]Tariq[/name]
1406 [name]Reggie[/name]
1407 [name]Zaden[/name]
1408 [name]Stefano[/name]
1416 [name]Pietro[/name]
1421 [name]Denver[/name]
1436 [name]Nelson[/name]
1467 [name]Frederico[/name]
1470 [name]Bear[/name]
1472 [name]Fox[/name]
1490 [name]Fabio[/name]
1491 [name]Lars[/name]
1492 [name]Dmitri[/name]
1493 [name]Emmett[/name]
1494 [name]Maison[/name]
1502 [name]Jo[/name]
1519 [name]Skye[/name]
1553 [name]Tai[/name]
1560 [name]Rio[/name]
1602 [name]Kain[/name]
1619 Jesiah
1632 [name]Storm[/name]
1638 [name]Francesco[/name]
1644 [name]Alvaro[/name]
1657 [name]Paolo[/name]
1661 [name]Caio[/name]
1687 Alexavier
1722 [name]Noe[/name]
1727 Carmello (sounds like caramello. I’d advise against this!!)
1731 Niño
1740 Xaiden
1752 [name]Ezio[/name]
1757 [name]Phineas[/name] (nickname Phin)
1775 [name]Casper[/name]
1831 [name]Enrico[/name]
1834 [name]Alfredo[/name]

I hope you find something here. Most end in o, others just sound good!!!

I love [name]Musetta[/name], so cute! [name]Aurora[/name] is beautiful too. I don’t really know what’s in the Top 1000 in [name]America[/name], but here are some names that end in O:


[name]Viggo[/name], [name]Hugo[/name] and [name]Otto[/name] are my favorites that end in an “o”.

Thanks guys! Here are some I like from your suggestions…. :slight_smile:


[name]How[/name] about;


Thanks! :slight_smile: I like [name]Ezekiel[/name], [name]Arturo[/name], [name]Angelo[/name] and [name]Mateo[/name]

I’m liking the [name]Viggo[/name] suggestions. What about [name]Marlo[/name]?

My favorite names ending in O are [name]Roscoe[/name] and [name]Jethro[/name].



Sory if I repeat any!

Thanks guys! :slight_smile: I like…


I [name]LOVE[/name] [name]Roscoe[/name]. Have you considered [name]Waldo[/name]? It’s fresh, quirky, and quite handsome.

[name]Pasco[/name] / [name]Pascoe[/name]

Oh, I forgot [name]Laszlo[/name] and [name]Alonzo[/name] ([name]Love[/name] the nn [name]Lon[/name]!)

[name]Abram[/name] nn [name]Bram[/name], [name]Abe[/name]
[name]Dashiell[/name] nn [name]Dash[/name]