Ok to use same name as friend??

So I am not pregnant or yet TTC but being a [name_f]Berrie[/name_f] I love talking baby names. When I was 18-19 the name [name_m]Maxwell[/name_m] [name_u]Constantine[/name_u] was #2 on my boy list. I do still like the name [name_m]Maxwell[/name_m] but it is becoming increasingly popular (or too popular for me anyway). [name_m]Case[/name_m] in point, a couple years ago my boyfriend’s classmate and close friend named his son [name_m]Maxwell[/name_m] (I 86ed it off my list).

Fast forward to last weekend and we were sitting around talking baby names with my boyfriend’s family and he mentions [name_m]Maxwell[/name_m] [name_u]Constantine[/name_u] and how he loves the name and it is so cool and better than my #1. I tell him his friend’s son is named [name_m]Maxwell[/name_m] and it would be weird. We will be seeing them fairly regularly as my boyfriend and his friend are in a weekly bowling league and yes, our child (if we have a boy) would be 5+ years younger but still…weird. Like name stealing. He thought that was dumb and so did his family.

WDYT Berries? Would that be weird or am I being too sensitive? Is this just a waste of a thread? Lol.

I think if you see them that rarely it’d be fine. If they were really close and you did dinner together weekly, that could get odd but still wouldn’t be a dealbreaker if [name_m]Maxwell[/name_m] were a family name or The Name for your baby. But with that age gap and being acquaintances rather than close friends, I personally wouldn’t worry about it.

My boyfriend and him are in a weekly bowling league (completely forgot that when writing my post). I probably won’t be seeing his wife and kids weekly but I can see us getting together more than a couple times a year now. Does that change anything?

Thanks for the reply!

I would mention it to them when you’re pregnant if you still want to use it at that point. Not necessarily ask permission, but mention it’s a longtime favorite so you can feel out their reaction and so they have a little warning that it might be the name you go for. Or consider [name_m]Maxim[/name_m] or some other variation if it’s [name_u]Max[/name_u] you’re after. [name_m]Maxwell[/name_m] [name_u]Constantine[/name_u] is a pretty great combo though! I do think [name_u]Constantine[/name_u] would be great in the first name spot too, or [name_m]Conrad[/name_m] maybe?

If you aren’t pregnant yet though I wouldn’t stress it because who knows if by that time you will have found a new favorite, or these friends will have moved states away or you will be having a girl anyway!

My number one boys name forever was [name_m]Maximilian[/name_m]. Then Dhs friend use it, a guy at his work and our neighbor. Needless to say we picked a new name!

[name_m]Maxwell[/name_m] [name_u]Constantine[/name_u] is indeed a fantastic combo!

Although I do prefer [name_u]Constantine[/name_u] better as fn.

I wouldn’t use the same name as a friend or family member simply because I’d want people to have a great reaction to my baby’s name, not “Oh. [name_m]Just[/name_m] like…” However, if you don’t care, then I don’t think it’s a big deal.

I don’t think it is a big deal, but personally I wouln’t use it.
As a child I’d want a more unique name especially if they are close family friends who we’d be talking to regularly

Personally I wouldn’t use a name someone I know had used for their baby, unless the name has a special significance for me. It has nothing to do with name stealing etc. more about wanting my child to have their own identity and not be automatically linked with someone we know.


I had [name_f]Autumn[/name_f] on list in '05 for my first daughter-
until I found out that my friend who was pregnant and due
just weeks after me had decided on [name_f]Autumn[/name_f] [name_f]Emily[/name_f] for her daughter.
It’s def not stealing, as I had it already on my list, etc.
And we are far apart mile wise. I just didn’t want her to think
anything about it, and I thought it would be kind of odd,
sharing a pregnancy experience, and then having the same name.
Some people are touchy about it, some or not. I just cut it off my list
as we had so many other options.

I [name_f]DO[/name_f] think [name_m]Maxwell[/name_m] [name_u]Constantine[/name_u] is a lovely name, though.
I really like it a lot. But I agree with the quoted text above.
I also agree with the person who said they prefer [name_u]Constantine[/name_u] as a first name.

If you have to ask, then it probably doesn’t sit well with you. I say follow your gut. As lovely a combination of names that is, you and your husband will be able to find another great name you both love even more. I hope [name_u]Constantine[/name_u] is part of it! Best wishes!

I would only avoid the name if a family member or a very close friend used the name. If it’s someone you’re not super close with, I would just ask them how they would feel about you using the same name. And if it’s just an acquaintance I would just go ahead and use it.