Okay to name boy Thatcher with sister Margaret?

I need advice! We are due with our third baby (gender is a surprise) in a few weeks, and for months my husband and I were set on the name [name]Thatcher[/name] for a boy. It’s unusual without being weird or trendy, which we like. The problem? Our two older kids’ names are [name]Calvin[/name] and [name]Margaret[/name]. So that’s [name]Calvin[/name], [name]Margaret[/name] and [name]Thatcher[/name]. See the issue? ([name]Margaret[/name] [name]Thatcher[/name]–former British prime minister) Initially we thought it was a deal breaker, but we have yet to come up with a boy name that we like as much. So…what do you think? Is it a deal breaker or just a quirky coincidence?

Also, any suggestions for girl (or boy) names that go well with [name]Calvin[/name] and [name]Margaret[/name]?

Thank you!!!

I think [name]Thatcher[/name] goes fine with your children’s name. I think it flows right.

I think the name [name]Thatcher[/name] is a great name, however I would think twice about using it with your daughter’s name. I don’t think your kids will get a lot of questions about their siblings names, but you might, and it could get annoying for you. If you don’t mind the quesions though, I say go for it.

I don’t think it would be too much of a problem.

My name is [name]Ann[/name] and my sister is [name]Margaret[/name]. We never get questioned about being named after [name]Ann[/name]-[name]Margret[/name].

I have had a similar dilemma, we have aon [name]Jack[/name] and are now having a daughter. We have always love [name]Caroline[/name] but I think it sounds like we are trying to be the Kennedys. I have taken [name]Caroline[/name] off the list and am thinking of [name]Claire[/name]. I do think a [name]Thatcher[/name] is a little strange with [name]Margaret[/name] but not horrible. I think you will get comments all the time…it just depends on if that will bother you or not.

I don’t think it will be terribly noticeable unless you live in the UK or have many friends/family that are into politics. But here are a few other suggestions for you to consider:

Boy names like [name]Thatcher[/name]:

Girl names that go with [name]Margaret[/name] and [name]Calvin[/name]:

Giving an opinion from the other side of the pond (I assume you live in the US!), when you put [name]Margaret[/name] and [name]Thatcher[/name] together… all I think is [name]Margaret[/name] [name]Thatcher[/name].

Personally, I would never use it. Being the first female prime minster, she is still very well known over here. However, I suppose if you aren’t going to have to list your kids names to any British very often, I don’t think you’d have too much of a problem.

But, personally, I wouldn’t use it.

I love your children’s names so much!!!

Because [name]Margaret[/name] [name]Thatcher[/name] is my first association with [name]Thatcher[/name], I personally wouldn’t use [name]Margaret[/name] and [name]Thatcher[/name] together, but that’s just me. (I’m in the US.) If you’re comfortable with the assocation, though, that’s what matters. You could always use [name]Thatcher[/name] as a middle if you don’t use it up front.

[name]Margaret[/name], [name]Calvin[/name], and (sorry for repeats!):

[name]Thaddeus[/name] (closer to [name]Calvin[/name] than [name]Margaret[/name] to me, but I can still see it working…plus, the [name]Thad[/name] nickname is close to “That” in [name]Thatcher[/name])

If you’re looking for another surname like [name]Thatcher[/name], some surnames that have a vintage feel to me, like [name]Thatcher[/name]:

[name]Abbott[/name] (nn [name]Abe[/name])
[name]Harrison[/name] (has [name]Calvin[/name]'s N ending, which may or may not bother you)
[name]Miles[/name] (another M name, though)

[name]Fletcher[/name] is also close to [name]Thatcher[/name]…

Again, sorry for repeats!

Good luck!

I think it is still a little too taboo to use right now. Chances are, even in the US, that people will still make the association. Better to find a similar name that you still love than having people ask you if you did it to honor her your whole life. [name]Calvin[/name] and [name]Margaret[/name] are beautiful names! I’m sure you can find something that fits perfectly. Good luck!

I like it and think it sounds nice with the siblings. I don’t think [name]Margaret[/name] and [name]Thatcher[/name] will be a big deal, unless you’re in the UK.
[name]Margaret[/name], [name]Calvin[/name] and…

I definitely think you should go for it! If you really love the name, don’t worry too much about it! Also, i don’t know if you always use Margarets full name, but im assuming you have a really great nick name for her. So its not as if it will always be [name]Margaret[/name] and [name]Thatcher[/name], but “[name]Maggie[/name]” and [name]Thatch[/name], which doesnt bring the association of the prime minister as much!
[name]Hope[/name] this helps!

I have to admit that [name]Margaret[/name] [name]Thatcher[/name] really does jump out at me, so personally I’d find another name. I think you can find another with a similar “feel” to [name]Thatcher[/name].

Personally, I wouldn’t do it. It sounds way too much like an homage to the Iron Lady!

[name]Do[/name] you live in the UK? If you are in the US then I dont see the problem. I didnt get the reference right away and I dont think most Americans will either. If you live in [name]Britain[/name] then I say stay away from [name]Thatcher[/name]. I do like [name]Thatcher[/name] though and it does complement your others kids names very well.

Honestly, I’d be a little surprised and curious if I met siblings named [name]Margaret[/name] and [name]Thatcher[/name]. I’m in the US but I would still assume they were named after the PM. I guess it depends on whether or not it will bother you that people will make that assumption and ask questions about it. Also, as another poster mentioned, if they go by nicknames most of the time it won’t be as big a deal. I wouldn’t think twice about [name]Maggie[/name] and [name]Thatch[/name] as sibings.

Definitely don’t do it! I am British, and I can tell you that anyone who has ever lived in the United Kingdom would spot that immediately. It would be very politically charged, too - [name]Margaret[/name] [name]Thatcher[/name] is still very much disliked by some (miners’ strikes, the Falklands War, [name]Maggie[/name] [name]Thatcher[/name] the Milk Snatcher). [name]How[/name] about [name]Cooper[/name] or [name]Sawyer[/name]?

[name]Thatcher[/name] is interesting, but even on its own I’d think of [name]Margaret[/name]. Nobody will think that pair was an accident.

I definitely wouldn’t do it but I am from the UK and it would immediately be associated with the ex PM who was not altogether a popular figure! If you are in the US, it may not be quite so bad!

Oh no, I really wouldn’t do this. [name]Margaret[/name] and [name]Thatcher[/name] are way too obvious for siblings. Everyone would assume you were paying homage to her… and that’s not good!

I say no, too. The association is really obvious. I’m also not really a fan of occupational names unless their family names. It’s like naming your kid Roofer. Of course most people wouldn’t get that.