old threads popping up

What is with all the old threads popping up? I have come across enough now that I look to see when threads were started before opening them. Most of these old threads are posted on by posters with very low post counts.

I think it might be a case of new posters joining Nameberry, searching for their favorite names, and coming across threads about the names. These users probably aren’t paying any attention to the date on the thread. I do feel like there should be some sort of time limit on threads. After six months of inactivity, automatically close it?

Yeah I don’t know if there’s a way to set that up :confused: It’d be good if there was though! Frankenthreads are annoying, lol. I’ve been closing any 2012 ones I’ve seen and I’m sure the other mods have been doing the same. Maybe [name_f]Pam[/name_f] knows if there’s a way?

I agree with the time limit thing. It would help keep the boards less crowded.

It would be nice.

I want to thank the moderators for everything you do. It can not be easy with a forum that is so busy.

A time limit would be perfect for the dead-threads. It is endlessly annoying to write a detailed answer to a thread only to realise that it was a year old thread you just spend a good couple of minutes of your life replying to (yes, I’m guilty of not always looking at time stamp of the first post, arguably my own fault though still annoying as hell).

Good idea, although I think we should allow the OP of a thread to override the closing since there are some threads that should not be locked (such as the one where I keep a list of our children’s names for those who’ve posted them to the thread). Also, I think I’d also exempt the entire Games board since a lot of the games are on-going. I think if the mods want to go through and close old threads they should do the ones where someone asks about a particular name or asks a question as it pertains to their specific situation, but leave the ones talking about general situations not related to an individual’s particular circumstances open.