Opinions on Maia

Would you say this is a popular name? Common?


[name]Hi[/name] I think [name]Maia[/name] is a nice name, I only have heard of [name]Maya[/name] [name]Rudolph[/name] and [name]Maya[/name] [name]Angelou[/name] the poet. Its very underused which is great for you if your thinking of using it, nice alternative to [name]May[/name] too:)

There seem to be quite a few Mayas and Mias where I live–under the age of 5. I haven’t yet seen it spelled [name]Maia[/name] yet, though.

[name]Maia[/name] is not too common yet, though [name]Mia[/name] and [name]Maya[/name] certainly are. Personally, I love the name and prefer the [name]Maia[/name] spelling.

I would spell as [name]Maya[/name] but it is a difficult one to pronounce from the spelling, depending on if you are saying My ah or [name]May[/name] ah, I can see pronunciation issues with it.

[name]Maia[/name] feels very popular to me, because while it’s only ranked at #649 in the U.S., [name]Maya[/name] is presently #72.

I do think it’s beautiful, though!

Good luck!

Thanks everyone. It was never a name that was on the top of my list but it seems to be growing on me. I like [name]Gaia[/name] and [name]Laia[/name]/[name]Lea[/name] (which I don’t want to use for various reasons), and [name]Maia[/name] seems a nice alternative.

[name]Just[/name] don’t want a too popular name and was interested to know what others thought and what kinds of ideas the name evokes.

Hmm… [name]Maia[/name] feels very elegant to me, and with its historic roots, it doesn’t feel trendy to me. I love its exotic vibe, and can picture it on both a little girl and a classy woman.

Good luck!

The spelling itself isn’t very common - but the name, [name]Maya[/name] is. And I live in a BIG city, with a large hispanic population in my area, and I hear [name]Maya[/name] all the time.

It really depends what you consider popular. [name]Maya[/name] falls in the top 100 in both the UK and The US. The [name]Maia[/name] spelling is a bit less popular. I think the name probably feels more popular than it is statistically as there are lots of similar names which are more popular at the moment eg [name]Mia[/name]/ [name]May[/name]/ [name]Mae[/name], even [name]Lila[/name]/ [name]Lilah[/name], etc.
If I were you, I would pick a name that you really love, that doesn’t feel trendy and that will suit a little child and a strong woman too.
I love [name]Maia[/name]'s exotic feel, elegance and historic roots too [name]Jill[/name]- you always put things so well!