Opinions on/middle name suggestions for these names?

Right now [name]Zephyr[/name], [name]Zevi[/name], and Atley (or maybe [name]Atlee[/name]) are few of my top contenders for the baby boy on the way. I’m looking for something a little out there but not too wacky - Atley is probably the safest choice but it might be a little too trendy-sounding with the current popularity of last name first names. With [name]Zevi[/name] I worry I’d be setting him up for a lifetime of correcting people who think it’s pronounced like [name]Levi[/name] with a z (it’s ZEH-vee not [name]ZEE[/name]-vy).

For middle names I like these (I have three syllable last name that starts with “F”):

[name]Zephyr[/name] [name]Everett[/name]
[name]Zephyr[/name] [name]Bee[/name] (this is definitely out there but I just like the way it sounds - or is it just way too girly?)
Atley [name]Everett[/name]
Atley Erez
[name]Zevi[/name] [name]Vaughn[/name]

Any thoughts? Since most of my family and friends have gone with pretty traditional and common names I feel like I’m crazy to like a few of these names, especially [name]Zephyr[/name] (I doubt I can even share that with them until there is a real live baby attached to the name).