Opinions on these First Names


I’m in the process of narrowing down my list, and would like to get your opinions on them! No need for combinations , just let me know what you think of each name, and maybe what kind of girl you could see wearing it. If you have synesthesia, or something like it, I would just love it if you could perhaps let me know what you think in that area, too!

These are for me. I’m American, and in college studying political science, spanish, english and world religions. I have light golden brown hair and green eyes, if that helps.

[name]Gwendolen[/name] ([name]Gwen[/name])
[name]Beatrice[/name] ([name]Bea[/name], [name]Tris[/name])
[name]Imogen[/name] ([name]Immy[/name])
Pomeline (I love [name]Caroline[/name], but alas, it is my cousin’s name)
[name]Cordelia[/name] ([name]Cora[/name])
[name]Guinevere[/name]/[name]Ginevra[/name] (can’t decide between these!)
[name]Persephone[/name] ([name]Percy[/name])

I have gotten my name inspiration from literature, pseudo-history ([name]Geoffrey[/name] of Monmouth), [name]Harry[/name] [name]Potter[/name], and the royal family of Monaco. I appreciate your help, as I’m in the final stages of narrowing it down and need feedback and if necessary, reality checks!

I love [name]Persephone[/name]. I like [name]Percy[/name], [name]Posie[/name] and Seffie.

I also like [name]Gwendolyn[/name] (and [name]Gwyneth[/name]) and love [name]Gwen[/name], but have been vetoed.

[name]Beatrice[/name] is on my list!

[name]Guinevere[/name] is quite lovely ([name]Gwen[/name] or [name]Gwyn[/name] again – nice nickname)

I must say, if I had the nerve, [name]Persephone[/name] is such a pretty sound to my ears and has great nns.

I like [name]Gwendolen[/name], [name]Beatrice[/name], [name]Imogen[/name], and [name]Cordelia[/name] best. I think all of them are very nice sounding, but might be too much… I think that both [name]Guinevere[/name] and [name]Ginevra[/name] make people instantly think of their character’s, as with [name]Persephone[/name]. I’ve never heard Pomeline, so I might be pronouncing it wrong, but it sort of sounds like pommel to me, like hitting someone. I really like your nicknames, though I would also add the possibility of [name]Wendy[/name] for [name]Gwendolyn[/name]. Good luck!

[name]Gwendolen[/name]- Cute, it seems to be a [name]Berry[/name] favorite
[name]Beatrice[/name]- [name]Love[/name]…but I’m annoyed that it seems to be getting more popular! I wish I could keep it all to myself :wink:
[name]Imogen[/name]- Pretty on paper, but I think I like the idea of it better than the actual name
Pomeline- Such a crush on Pomeline! It feels like a better hidden [name]Clementine[/name]!
[name]Cordelia[/name]- I like it, but for some reason it doesn’t do much for me… for some reason I find it very “sound heavy” if that makes sense…
[name]Guinevere[/name]/[name]Ginevra[/name]- Same thing as [name]Imogen[/name], although I like [name]Imogen[/name] more.
[name]Persephone[/name]- I don’t understand why everyone seems to love this… I much prefer [name]Penelope[/name]. [name]Persephone[/name] sounds bizzare to me.

Have to agree with the above poster: I love [name]Imogen[/name] on paper and have tried, tried, TRIED to convince myself that it is in the running, but it is one of those names for me. So frustrating! [name]Imogen[/name] is hard to get a really intuitive nickname out of. I can get “[name]Immy[/name]” but I’m not really blown away by it. I just know that I am going to meet a baby [name]Imogen[/name] and then die of jealousy, but there you have it. If it isn’t for you, it isn’t for you.

[name]Gwendolyn[/name] is all kinds of lovely. Welsh, isn’t it? I love all the soft vowels, which is typical of many Welsh names/words. But then, I’ve got my Welsh grandparents to thank for that appreciaton! I love [name]Gwendolyn[/name]!

I like all of these, but Pomeline. She just doesn’t do anything for me.
[name]Gwendolen[/name] ([name]Gwen[/name])- I love [name]Gwen[/name], and [name]Gwendolen[/name] is so nice!
[name]Beatrice[/name] ([name]Bea[/name], [name]Tris[/name])- [name]Beatrice[/name] isn’t my favorite, but it’s nice anyhow.
[name]Imogen[/name] ([name]Immy[/name])- I want to put it on my list, but I just can’t! I love it on others, though. I think the nn [name]Jen[/name]/[name]Jenny[/name] works, too.
[name]Cordelia[/name] ([name]Cora[/name])- Same as [name]Imogen[/name], and I love the nn [name]Cora[/name].
[name]Guinevere[/name]/[name]Ginevra[/name]- I like [name]Ginevra[/name] better. It seems slightly less harsh and more feminine. [name]Ginevra[/name] could have the nns [name]Ginny[/name] or [name]Eve[/name]/[name]Evie[/name]/[name]Eva[/name], too.
[name]Persephone[/name] ([name]Percy[/name])- I could never use it, but I love all the nicknames!
My favorites are [name]Gwendolyn[/name], [name]Imogen[/name], and [name]Ginevra[/name], nn [name]Gwen[/name], [name]Jenny[/name], and [name]Evie[/name].

[name]Gwendolen[/name] ([name]Gwen[/name]) - I like the [name]Gwendolyn[/name] spelling a bit better, but overall I fine [name]Gwendolen[/name] okay.
[name]Beatrice[/name] ([name]Bea[/name], [name]Tris[/name]) - Not a fan of it, to be honest. It sounds too stuffy to me. However, I can see the appeal in it.
[name]Imogen[/name] ([name]Immy[/name]) - I want to like this name more, but I just can’t imagine it on a real person. It’s definitely growing on me though.
[name]Cordelia[/name] ([name]Cora[/name]) - I like [name]Cora[/name] by itself, [name]Cordelia[/name] seems quite the [name]Berry[/name] favorite, but a tad frilly for my tastes.
[name]Guinevere[/name]/[name]Ginevra[/name] - [name]Ah[/name], [name]Ginevra[/name]! I like it! It sounds so refreshing, yet almost like an old favorite. [name]Guinevere[/name] is fine, if a tad fanciful.
[name]Persephone[/name] ([name]Percy[/name]) - not sure I like the [name]Percy[/name] nn for it. Overall, I’ve kind of become jaded towards [name]Persephone[/name]. When I first heard about people liking it, I joined their chorus of approval. Now that it’s all the rage, it just doesn’t seem special to me anymore. I’ve since grown fond of the similar sounding [name]Pandora[/name].

[name]Gwendolen[/name] ([name]Gwen[/name]) - Looove this name! [name]Just[/name] recently added it to my name list as well. Old fashioned, not too frilly but still pretty. I get a cool, artsy, rocker vibe from this one. Amazing!
[name]Beatrice[/name] ([name]Bea[/name], [name]Tris[/name]) - I know this is a berry favorite but I’m just not into it. I don’t find it to be pretty
[name]Imogen[/name] ([name]Immy[/name]) - another berry fav, but to me it just sounds like [name]Imagine[/name] :confused:
[name]Cordelia[/name] ([name]Cora[/name]) - [name]Love[/name] this one! Great full name and nn [name]Cora[/name] is darling
[name]Guinevere[/name]/[name]Ginevra[/name] - I like [name]Guinevere[/name]…I like [name]Gwendolen[/name] better, but [name]Guinevere[/name] is cool too
[name]Persephone[/name] (percy) - to me, this name feels “trying to hard”. It’s too much for me

My vote goes to…[name]Gwendolyn[/name] nn [name]Gwen[/name]! :slight_smile:

here are my humble opinions on these names

[name]Gwendolen[/name] ([name]Gwen[/name]) - Very nice name excellent NN
[name]Beatrice[/name] ([name]Bea[/name], [name]Tris[/name])- I prefer the bit spunkier [name]Beatrix[/name] but not bad!
[name]Imogen[/name] ([name]Immy[/name])- Im not a fan of this name… i find i have to force myself to pronounce it… doesnt flow easily of rme!
Pomeline (I love [name]Caroline[/name], but alas, it is my cousin’s name)- In mexico ( not sure about Spanish form other countries as all slang is different) a word for bum (ass) is Pompas or Pompis… this name just reminds me of it!
[name]Cordelia[/name] ([name]Cora[/name])- Also a good choice!
[name]Guinevere[/name]/[name]Ginevra[/name] (can’t decide between these!) I would say Geinevere… [name]Ginevra[/name] is the same as [name]Imogen[/name] for me… just wierd to pronounce!
[name]Persephone[/name] ([name]Percy[/name])- i might be the only one on this site but i really DONT like this name! Sounds strippery to me!

My vote goes to [name]Gwendolen[/name] or [name]Cordelia[/name]!

Thanks for your opinions! As most people seem to forget Pomeline, I’m assuming that it’s not really liked or understood. Here are my “issues” with each, maybe you guys will have some tidbits of advice!

[name]Gwendolen[/name]/[name]Beatrice[/name]; yes, these sound a bit stuffy to my ears too. But they have history and weight, which matters more to me.
[name]Cordelia[/name]; I sometimes think this name is too frilly also, but then is balanced out by the “cord” part…but I’m not sure! Too frilly?

[name]Guinevere[/name]/[name]Ginevra[/name]/[name]Persephone[/name]; I like all, but all do have the potential to be associated strongly with their respective bearers. I am of the [name]Harry[/name] [name]Potter[/name] generation, so [name]Ginevra[/name] would be “cool”. I don’t know how prevalent the adulterer image is with [name]Guinevere[/name], I have it because I’m not that fond of -a endings. I like [name]Persephone[/name] because I like [name]Penelope[/name], but don’t want to use it because of its popularity now. (I also don’t find the two P sounds appealing).


A toss up between [name]Gwendolen[/name] and [name]Guinevere[/name] perhaps? Or [name]Ginevra[/name], [name]Guinevere[/name] and [name]Persephone[/name]? I’ve also got to take into account the frilly but also weighty (two people’s different opinions) [name]Cordelia[/name] into account. Ahh! Thanks for the help, anyway! :slight_smile:

ETA; @backtomyroots I’d be interested in hearing why you get the stripper vibe from [name]Persephone[/name]. I got it from Upstairs/Downstairs, which is almost the opposite in terms of class!

Keep the opinions coming!

(Oh, opinions on Isaline? I guess I really like that ending.)

Ok, I know the last post was a long one, but I’d still [name]LOVE[/name] opinions!

I’ve nixed [name]Guinevere[/name] and Perephone, and am considering [name]Ottilie[/name], [name]Araminta[/name] and mayyyyybe [name]Coraline[/name], although I’d have to talk to my cousin about it. So it’s [name]Gwendolen[/name], [name]Beatrice[/name], [name]Imogen[/name], [name]Ginevra[/name], [name]Ottilie[/name],and [name]Araminta[/name].

My goal is a name that is feminine but NOT frilly, which I equate with [name]Caroline[/name]. Any ideas, or suggestions? (as in “[name]Araminta[/name] is the epitome of frilly, what are you thinking?” or something)

I think [name]Gwendolen[/name], [name]Cordelia[/name], and [name]Beatrice[/name] fit your appearance and interests perfectly!
There is also [name]Gwendoline[/name] btw. I saw you love [name]Caroline[/name] so maybe you’d like it too?

I don’t think [name]Beatrice[/name] and [name]Gwendolen[/name] are too frilly at all. [name]Beatrice[/name] is a bit stuffy, but people will get over that quick if your own personality is not that way. Especially since the popular book [name]Ramona[/name] and Beezus was a movie recently. And with the Gossip Girl reference.

Oh wait Gossip Girl? Which character is [name]Beatrice[/name]? I was a rabid fan of season 1 then I realized how um, ridiculous, they are. I mean, champagne and limousines, when you’re a junior in high school? I’ll look it up! Maybe I should look into [name]Penelope[/name]…

(Nixed [name]Araminta[/name] and [name]Ginevra[/name], but added [name]Genevieve[/name]. My great-aunt was [name]Myrtle[/name] [name]Genevieve[/name], which I did not know until recently!)

Well, she’s a new minor character in [name]Season[/name] 5. [name]Princess[/name] [name]Beatrice[/name] of Monaco.

[name]How[/name] funny! There I was, bemoaning the fact that I can’t be a straight up [name]Caroline[/name]!

I like [name]Imogen[/name], but not [name]Immy[/name].
[name]Love[/name] [name]Cordelia[/name] so very much! [name]Love[/name] [name]Cora[/name], hate [name]Cordy[/name].
I really like [name]Persephone[/name], but for the non-literati I feel you’d constantly be telling them how to pronounce it. Many people prounouce it just like “telephone” at the end, instead of the ee sound. Of course I know people who say [name]Penelope[/name] with the long o like in “envelope” and without the ee sound at the end ([name]Penny[/name]-lowp) so you’ll always have issues with certain people!!

I am so confused why [name]Ottilie[/name] keeps popping up on everyone’s lists. I must be pronouncing it wrong, because I’m not seeing the appeal.

UPDATE; I’ve changed it up a bit. Now it is [name]Genevieve[/name], [name]Seraphine[/name], [name]Clementine[/name] and [name]Gwendolen[/name]!

Some questions:

  1. Is [name]Genevieve[/name] too popular? It’s been climbing up the SS chart since 1999…but I was born in 1992, so does it matter?
  2. [name]Will[/name] [name]Seraphine[/name] blend in with all of the girls named [name]Sarah[/name], or is it different enough?
  3. Is [name]Clementine[/name] ridiculous? I think of Mrs. [name]Churchill[/name] and the film [name]Eternal[/name] [name]Sunshine[/name] of the Spotless Mind, and yes the fruit. But does it give off a deep South vibe? (Not that there is anything wrong with that, just not what I’m going for)

Thanks for all of your help berries!