it’s on my lists and i love it.
the problem?
i would pronounce it or-leh-nah
i am australian.
i live in australia.
everyone will say or-leena, except my stepmother’s family, because they’re latin american and they speak spanish.
i also speak spanish kinda.
help me?
*edit, i tried asking people how they would pronounce and i was mostly right but some people pronounced it the way i like :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sparkles:

I would wonder whether it was Or-lenn-uh or or-leen-uh - I’d probably ask. Or-lenn-uh is my favourite

[name_f]Orlena[/name_f] sounds Russian or Slavic for me, and I am tempted to, for some obscure reason, to use the Slavic (Russian leaning) pronunciation “ohr-LYEH-nah”, with the e pronounced like ye in [name_f]Yelena[/name_f], since I would assume it is the correct pronunciation of a Russian / Slavic name like Alëna (pronounced [name_f]Alyona[/name_f], for what I know) or [name_f]Jelena[/name_f].

If the person tells me it is a Spanish name, I would pronounce it ohr-LEH-nah.

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Another Aussie here! I have to admit my first guess was or-lee-nuh, however if someone told me it was or-leh-nuh I could easily switch to that!

I have to admit I first pronounced it Or-Leen-Uh, but I think it could be corrected very easily! It is a very pretty name, it has a nice sound and a flowy sort of rhythm.

Tbh my first pronunciation was or-lay-nuh like [name_f]Elena[/name_f]. Though it would be easy to correct, and I prefer the leh-nuh prn.