Our first VAAA-CAAA

Well, we will be taking our first vacation over this 4th of [name_u]July[/name_u] weekend. We’re only visiting my brother and his family for a 4 day weekend, but I’m leery of being away from home for more than a few hours with [name_f]Francie[/name_f]. Can I get some feedback on how to pack, what to take etc. I knew that I’d have to do this sometime, but I’m nervous:eek:

it took me way to long to figure out what the title of this thread meant. lol now i get it. (i must be tired)
So first time i went on a long trip my daughter was 6 months old. and we road tripped it was a grand total of 3 days and most of it was spent in a car. Pack more outfits, diapers and wipes than you think you need. [name_m]Just[/name_m] in case. Depending on how you’re feeding her pack extra bottles if she takes them (even for pumped milk) and a full can (or two) of formula . Again sort of depending on age, pack basic medical supplies. bandaids, childrens acetaminophen and gripe water. Also a syringe to administer and baby nail clippers. Diaper or safety pins. never know if you’ll need em. Hats, sunscreen, shoes (my kids never wore em as infants but if yours do or might, bring em) Oh also orajel. just in case. better to not need the stuff and have it, than to not have it when you need it. Oh and vaseline and or zinc oxide cream (affectionately called butt cream in my house) blankets! at least 2. in a pinch you set it on the grass for a bit of stretch time and if its chilly in the evening by the campfire or watching fireworks…blankies. gotta have em. a couple toys just in case. may or may not get pulled out of the bag but bring em. just one or two. a thermometer!! (should have put this with medical stuff but im listing them as i think of them) Face/ wash clothes. a swim type suite. just in case. okay…i think thats it. Basically bring everything and the kitchen sink. lol. travelling with children can be fun. and i believe its a lot easier when they are younger despite needing so many supplies. I hope this helps.

@farie…just finally getting the time to get on here to Thank You! Your list came in very handy! I would have never thought to take the thermometer or orajel (which by the way your mention helped me to pick it up at the last min.) [name_f]Francie[/name_f] actually had a couple of very cranky spells while we were away…no fever thankfully but the orajel did the job! We had a great visit and over all I was so proud of my good little girl :slight_smile: Thanks Again!