"Out there" middle names?

What do you think of using “out there” middle names? For example, when I was in my senior year of high school, every student was assigned to them an animal/insect. Mine was the [name]Butterfly[/name].

And that got me thinking, what do people think of middle names like [name]Blossom[/name], [name]Butterfly[/name] ("[name]Mariposa[/name]"), [name]Marigold[/name], [name]Meadow[/name], [name]Rainbow[/name], etc, as middle names?

I think [name]Aurora[/name] [name]Butterfly[/name] or [name]Guinevere[/name] [name]Blossom[/name] is quite lovely. I also have been throwing around “[name]Vanessa[/name]” because it means [name]Butterfly[/name] and “Dovasary/[name]Dove[/name]”, “[name]Jonah[/name]” and “[name]Paloma[/name]” for their relations to the bird of peace.

[name]Do[/name] you mind “crazy” names like [name]Butterfly[/name] as middle names?

I think “crazy” names as middle names are great, and bith the combo’s you have mentioned are adorable and i don’t normally like ovely pretty names.

I actually quite like [name]Marigold[/name] as a 1st name!

There’s a british singer [name]Paloma[/name] [name]Faith[/name], i love her style she’s really retro and quirky, although that’s totally irrelavant to your question :o

I certainly like the mn position for a name I can’t use as a fn (for whatever reason).
Not sure if I would use [name]Butterfly[/name] as such. But I do like colour names- eg [name]Sapphire[/name], [name]Cyane[/name], [name]Scarlett[/name]. So who am I to judge?

[name]Don[/name]'t know if would want a VERY different mn myself- did like [name]Mariposa[/name] though!


I love crazy middle names, its the perfect spot to go bold.

I am not a fan of out-there. I like different, but not crazy. [name]Butterfly[/name] sounds stupid, and so do a lot of names ppl think are ok to name a poor child!


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I love crazy middle names. My kids will probably have them. And also, I love [name]Mariposa[/name] :slight_smile:

I love unusual middle names.

I’m all in for the fun/ crazy middle. There’s a lot worse out there than [name]Butterfly[/name]. I like it. It’s quite sweet.