So I know everybody is going to say [name]Ozzie[/name] [name]Osborne[/name] ick but I think aside from that the name sounds so cute. I think that people may initally associate the name with [name]Osborne[/name] but then it will just be “[name]Ozzie[/name] D.” and belong to the baby. It goes well with my last name and I think it could grow into a strong masculine name. (I don’t want to use a formal version such as [name]Oswald[/name] ect) [name]Do[/name] you guys think this is too off the wall?

I love it! I grew up with [name]Ozzie[/name] as my nickname (even being a little girl). I think [name]Osborne[/name] is a strong, substantial name and [name]Ozzie[/name] is a great nickname. Good luck with your choice.

As a formal name, I do think [name]Ozzie[/name] (I prefer [name]Ozzy[/name]) is a bit too strange and insubstantial. It’s cute on a child, but other than the wild rock star association, I have trouble picturing it on an adult. I also had a rabbit by this name (today seems to be the day for talking about my pet’s names…) so perhaps that is shaping my judgment.

So yeah, I would encourage you to use a more formal O name to get to [name]Ozzie[/name]/[name]Ozzy[/name]: [name]Oscar[/name], [name]Oliver[/name]…I’m blanking on other suggestions right now.

You might consider [name]Otto[/name] as an alternative full name as well.

I think it is a fantastic nickname, but a not so great full name. I can understand not wanting to use [name]Oswald[/name], but how about [name]Oscar[/name]. Or maybe [name]Ossian[/name]. [name]Boaz[/name]?

Please just use it as a nickname.