Paginate threads for ease of use

Please put some “next” and “previous” arrows and/or page numbers at the bottom of the page on the thread as well as the top. Right now they are only at the top.

I typically want to go to the next page of a thread when I have reached the bottom of the page, and most other websites include this, so I think it should be added.

Thanks. I’ll pass this along to our engineer and hope it’s a simple thing to add.

I made a little mistake in my report - it looks like the threads are paginated at the bottom but the pages of each message board are not and sometimes something has dropped to the second page or I remember something from a week or so ago and it’s hard to look it up - have to return to the top of the page. Also a way to hop to other message boards in the site without having to go to the index? Other message boards, I have seen a drop-down menu with a list of all the various forums at the bottom of the list of threads or from inside a thread. I don’t know what would be easy code or hard to code though. Thanks.