ParentDIsh's 100 Weirdest Celebrity Baby Names!

I figured you all would enjoy this!|main|dl5|link3|

I never bother searching for starbaby names, only checking them when mentioned on naming sites. So most of the ones I haven’t heard yet are probably familiar to most of you.

[name]Reignbeau[/name] - So, variant spellings of this one aren’t just a common joke.
[name]Oriole[/name] - cute. [name]Nebula[/name] - (too) cool. [name]Oriole[/name] [name]Nebula[/name]? Ridiculous. It would’ve taken me a bit longer to get the joke without her sister.

I don’t agree with that name list! It more seems like they just listed all the celeb baby names they could find, I’m sure us namberrites would do a re-list! :slight_smile:

However, [name]Audio[/name] [name]Science[/name], really?

There were a few really strange names on there, but a lot of them were just a bit unusual and some were actually pretty cute. (I don’t think [name]Brooklyn[/name] is uncommon at all these days.)