Pattern in top names. Do you have one?

Continuing the discussion from Closer than I thought! Re-evaluating:

So I’ve picked some names that I love (4 of each) and decided to look at their popularity and how they would sound together and found a pattern!

So for my girls list I tend to like just out of the top 100-500 in the US and 2/4 names match in some way:

Juniper (#172 US) — Both have Juh- beginning sounds
Genevieve (#169 US)

Maisie (#409 US) — Both have a pronounced E sounds at the ends
Phoebe (#256 US)

Boys list are all more rare names (i.e., they’re outside of the top 500) and all end in an on/en/und sound.

Anson (#980 US)
Linden (#929 US)
Solomon (#726 US)
Edmund (#924 US

So odd to find a pattern! Do any of you found a pattern in your names?

Also just for fun here are the FN & MN combos

Juniper Norah
Genevieve Eileen
Maisie Frances
Phoebe Caroline
Anson Ware
Linden Talbot
Solomon (Some Family name)
Edmund (Some Family name)