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Didn’t have a great title for this…
So, I have plenty of names which fit specific categories of my naming criteria. Recently I’m loving Liana (lee-AH-nuh like Eliana), as it fits almost all my categories and the name (most importantly) is lovely! So I’m curious if I can find anymore like this.
Here’s my “ideal” criteria which Liana fits into.
-Hebrew connection
-Spanish connection
-International pronunciation
-Not too popular
-Good meaning
Liana is a type of vine that grows towards the sun, which I like that it’s a nature meaning and I absolutely love the symbolism of that. It also means “answered me” (as in god answered me) in Hebrew, which is a meaning I have actually looked for.
This is all just for fun for me right now, hopefully I will use them someday. But I just wanted to share about my current favorite name and see if anyone has any suggestions! I also like gender neutral names.

Some other names I like, which of course don't fit *all* those categories, but for a general idea.


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Liana’s meaning is very fun!

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[name_f]Liana[/name_f] is lovely!!

Some that came to mind:


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