Personal Opinions on Name Sebastian in Australia

What are your thoughts on name [name_m]Sebastian[/name_m] living in Australia

I love the name [name_m]Sebastian[/name_m]. I’m Australian and to me it’s a not-too-used classic. I only know one [name_m]Sebastian[/name_m], a teenage boy, and having taught in schools I’ve found it to be used but no where near as popular as some other top 100 names. Another option you might like is [name_m]Bastian[/name_m] - it’s a favourite of mine!

I know of one 2 year old in Australia, but that’s it.

I’m not Australian, but I would think it works well there!

No problems at all. It’s a great name. I like [name_m]Seb[/name_m] as a nickname, but you could go full Aussie and use [name_m]Baz[/name_m]. [name_m]Bastian[/name_m] is also lovely and less popular than [name_m]Sebastian[/name_m] (that being said, I’ve never encountered a young [name_m]Sebastian[/name_m] here, the only one I know lives in the US).

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I’m from the US. I didn’t realize [name_m]Baz[/name_m] was so popular in Australia. It’s my top NN for [name_m]Sebastian[/name_m].

@shells15 [name_m]Baz[/name_m] isn’t very popular in Australia, it’s just a ‘z’ or ‘zza’ ending is known as a particularly Australian way to create a nickname (British too I think). Although, there are probably a sizable number of boomer Barrys in Australia called [name_m]Baz[/name_m] or Bazza! There’s also the Australian film director [name_m]Baz[/name_m] Luhrmann. I think [name_m]Baz[/name_m] is very cute and usable!

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Yeah I agree with @Dechen, [name_m]Baz[/name_m] isn’t a very popular nickname for [name_m]Sebastian[/name_m] here, it’s more of a nickname for [name_u]Barry[/name_u]. I’ve only come across Sebs… I love [name_m]Seb[/name_m] and Bash!

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