Personalized baby stuff

I was just wondering if anyone had any great places to get affordable, personalized baby things. I’d love to have some personalized things for the baby like blankets and things.

So, any great websites?

I’m in [name]England[/name] so probably not that useful, but I’ve been looking at things from They’ve got some amazing stuff (not that cheap though) if you type in personalised and whatever you’re looking for. They’ve got nice sales every now and then as well.

Hey, [name]Angel[/name], do you know whether it will be a [name]Damien[/name] or [name]Persephone[/name] yet?

Sigh, no. We were supposed to find out on the 2nd but the baby curled up in a tiny ball and wouldn’t move. My wonderful doctor spent 20 minutes jiggling my belly trying to make the baby move and all he/she did was give us a thumbs up >.<

I’m going back on the 30th of this month so I hope I get to know then.

Also, I’d love other suggestions.

Haha, you baby has a good sense of humor already, [name]Angel[/name]. [name]Baby[/name], just wants you to know that they are good and will tease you a bit longer on its gender. So cute!

You could check out Things Remembered or Personalization Mall. I will advise you to wait until after you name the baby on it’s official birth certificate before getting anything personalized, just in case you change your mind after seeing the baby. We have a picture frame that we get engraved at Things Remembered after each baby, and that’s horribly exciting for me. I look forward to making the trip.

Yeah, that’s so tough. I’m a don’t-find-out-til-the-birth type partly because it’s never 100% sure… there’s a margin of error, both human and machine, on this sex determination thing.

I like Etsy for personalized baby stuff, to be perfectly honest!

Etsy is a personal favorite of mine:

Some others I like, but not as much:
Personalization Mall:
Personal Creations:

Some random sites I just came across:
Too Cute [name]Baby[/name] Gifts:
[name]Baby[/name] Stuff Gifts:

I also am waiting until after he is born before purchasing anything like that…if he is a she, oops. Lol. Plus while one name is currently calling to me, once I see him I might think he is someone else. My kids do each have a plate by the brand “Lima [name]Bean[/name] Kids” that they recieved as an [name]Easter[/name] gift and they all love them and they have held up well. (Only issue is that [name]Linus[/name]'s has a train on it and he is no longer obsessed with trains and at least once a week complains he wants his plate to have something else so I am thinking we will get new ones this [name]Easter[/name]). We got them off zulily or one of those discount websites. Other than those, [name]Sebastian[/name] had a taggie blanket on his first christmas with his name and a few other random things here and there. My mom quilts so after baby comes she will embroider his name on it.

Oh I [name]LOVE[/name] Zulily! And Etsy for that matter!! <3 Etsy is supposed to be for handmade items or craft supplies, so there’s a lot of nice options as far as personalized items go! Can’t believe I didn’t think of it myself. I love buying headbands and this organic spray (you can use it for body spray/room spray/linen spray) from TheVictorianGarden shop there. She does custom orders for headbands and jewelry, but nothing really personalized besides possibly art prints. She’s an artist.

But Zulily is a different sort of website, there’s lots like it but I like Zulily best. It offers “events” by brands or by theme (say, Valentine’s Day, or Home Decor, Black and White…etc.) And the items are offered at a discount. One of the reasons the prices are so discounted is because shipping takes forever since they order bulk from the companies, items go to Zulily, then items go to you. I’ve ordered two different items from the same event (same brand) on back to back days and the second item I ordered arrived a whole week ahead of the first item I ordered. So there’s no rhyme or reason to it, and you can’t shop there if you want it in a hurry and that have problems processing gift cards (say like Visa gift cards). However, they do have awesome customer service and there’s new events every day. is great, I know it was already suggested but I thought I would say a little about it. We have got a quite a few lovely things from there for all of our boys and the stuff lasted till our boys grew out of them. I was pleased with the quality and the little t-shirts we got were just amazing I love them!

I have to second the suggestions of notonthehighstreet and etsy! They’re amazing sites!