Personalized baby stuff

I’m going to try this again over here since only one person actually gave me suggestions in the momberries forum.

I was just wondering if anyone had any great places to get affordable, personalized baby things. I’d love to have some personalized things for the baby like blankets and things.

So, any great websites?

It’s probably been suggested, but Etsy. You can basically get anything you can think of personalized from someone on that site and not everything is super expensive.

I agree! Etsy is great!

I’ve never been to Etsy (and the one suggestion I got in the other post was in the UK and not Etsy). I’ll check it out. Thanks.

Anything else?

Etsy is so very addicting! You have been warned!

Here’s one with tons of stuff including personalized story books & little rocking chairs:

Here’s one just for things that can be embroidered, lots of adorable things and quite affordable:

Another one with TONS of baby merchandise & good prices is

I like this print because it isn’t too baby-ish: The one for a girl has a birdcage. :slight_smile:

Things Remembered
Personal Creations
Personalization Mall

Some of these places have cheesy items, but you can also find some very cute and charming gifts and keepsakes.

Thanks everyone! I’ve found some pretty cheap stuff on Etsy. And I’m really liking the Corner Stork site!