Pet Names A-Z (m&f)

Which of my pet names do you like best and for what animal?
What are some of your favorite pet names?
[name]Feel[/name] free to takes the challenge of an alphabetical list its pretty tough!

A: Anarchy
B: [name]Brutus[/name] (it was the name of a neighbor’s [name]German[/name] [name]Shepard[/name]) or [name]Bacchus[/name]
C: Coyote
D: [name]Duncan[/name] (former pet fish)
E: [name]Eli[/name] ([name]German[/name] [name]Shepard[/name] I had as a child)
F: [name]Fargo[/name]
G: Grim
H: Hypnos or [name]Hyde[/name]
I: [name]Icarus[/name] (for a bird maybe?)
J: [name]Jin[/name] or Jester
K: Kite
L: [name]Loki[/name]
M: [name]Maksym[/name]
N: Nougat
O: [name]Oliver[/name]
P: Poppet
Q: [name]Quixote[/name]
R: [name]Remy[/name]
S: [name]Sasha[/name]
T: [name]Theo[/name] or [name]Tennyson[/name]
U: Uno
V: Vagabound
W: Winston
X: [name]Xerxes[/name]
Y: [name]Yuki[/name]
Z: [name]Zero[/name]

A: [name]Ayla[/name] (Chihuahua I had as a kid)
B: Belladonna
C: Coquette
D: [name]Doll[/name]
E: [name]Echo[/name]
F: [name]Freya[/name]
G: [name]Gidget[/name]
H: [name]Hana[/name] or [name]Halcyone[/name]
I: [name]Izzy[/name] Pop
J: [name]Jezebel[/name]
K: [name]Koko[/name]
L: [name]Lily[/name]
M: [name]Mollie[/name] or Moxie
N: [name]Nyx[/name]
O: Oreo
P: [name]Psyche[/name]
Q: Quorra ([name]Cora[/name]) this one was hard!
R: [name]Roxie[/name] (I struggled with R for some reason)
S: [name]Silke[/name], Slyph, Sake maybe running out of steam lol
T: [name]Tempest[/name] or Trinket
U: [name]Ume[/name]
V: Vixen
W: [name]Willow[/name]
X: Xylie
Y: [name]Yui[/name]
Z: [name]Zola[/name]