Pictures Not Showing Up? 😕

[name_m]Hi[/name_m]! So for me, pictures or gifs or any other type of file have been mostly not showing up after the first few minutes, and instead are replaced with the link symbol with a line through it. The problem with uploading pictures is still affecting me too. So anyone who has been having this problem can reply here!

@katinka, tagging you here cause you usually know how to fix this stuff :grin:
Also if you guys can’t fix it that’s ok, I know sometimes websites are crazy.

Thanks in advance and keep on smiling!

Thanks @EJpuddlejumper :+1:

I’m still struggling to upload pictures too. I can usually do it after a few attempts but it’s definitely not working as reliably as it was a couple of weeks ago.

I am able to see all images though, can you link me a couple of examples of posts where you’re not seeing them?

I’m still hoping an overdue upgrade will fix this, I will send a reminder.

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here is one post that this happened to, the last reply to my Get Inspired (Berries to the Rescue!)