Place Names...?

What are place names you think sound pretty, but you would never actually use because it would just be strange to take something so brazenly off the map? I think [name]Sweden[/name] is a really pretty word, but I couldn’t name a baby that! Maybe as a middle name! Any ideas are appreciated.

My husband likes Ardenne (or Ardennes which long story short, I don’t) because he’s a cyclist and a huge fan of the Ardennes Classics which are races that take place every year in that region.

Honestly I’m not huge into place names but then again traditional names have been used for new settlements all across the world. For example: [name]Lake[/name] [name]Victoria[/name], Jacksonville, Williamsburg, Johannesburg, etc.

In the case of [name]Sweden[/name] - it bugs me a little that it’s a country but I think that if you used it as a mn it would be quite unique and could give any name a really nice flow and give a harsher name a beautiful softening touch. The sound of the world is beautiful and harmonic and I completely understand why you would want to consider it.

I’ve always liked:

I love [name]America[/name], actually. I would never use it, but I think it has a really cool sound and I like the association to [name]Amerigo[/name] Vespucci. And I loved [name]America[/name] Ferrera in Ugly [name]Betty[/name], haha.

Australia for either gender. I might add it yet I don’t know, lol

Some are ok. Though I wouldn’t use them even though I secretly (or not so secretly) love [name]Georgia[/name] and [name]Ireland[/name]. Well If the baby’s father was ok with it maybe. But my current bf (though we aren’t having children!) doesn’t like them.