Please click if you see this, it's important to a lot of people

Sorry for posting on old account, can’t remember my mea.ola login right now (using a device that isn’t mine), & I don’t have time to look it up

There is literal chaos (& I mean widespread panic attacks) on the LGBT fandoms bc we are about to be merged, even though our bcrats never agreed. We need more signatures on this petition if there is a chance FANDOM will listen to us.

If you aren’t comfortable using your real name, put your fandom username & a period for the last name. Your email isn’t public & they dont send spam emails.

Would you please be able to provide a bit more context about this, such as examples of what is being merged and why it is important to you (and others) that it doesn’t happen? And what the roles of the bureaucrats are? [name_m]Just[/name_m], as somebody that doesn’t use these fandom sites, I am a bit unsure of the details and significance of this. I am happy to help you out but would like to just be clear on what I’m signing :blush: Thank you!


Sorry. [name_f]Every[/name_f] fandom has a bcrat, & we can only have one. They are like an admin with absolute power – [name_u]An[/name_u] analogy I use is the top of the food chain. They are usually the founder of a wiki, & widely viewed as the leader.

The wiki isn’t just a knowledge database. It’s a judgement-free safe space for many people. Fandom mods are trying to take that away, & it needs to be stopped.

I am currently leading a project to convince FANDOM otherwise. Writing emails, gettig signatures on petitions… Hoping we can convince them otherwise. Contie (the wiki’s bcrat) is also involved, but it looks like she’s starting to give up…

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I signed it, good luck :slight_smile: