Please give your opinions on the name

What do you think of name Olgierd as a first name for a boy? I know it is very rare and uncommon, I just would like to know if it sounds funny or would cause bullying at school? Not to sure how to best put the pronounciation of it but it would be something like Oh-l-g-er-t. thanks

I’m sorry, but I’m not fond of this name. My first thought is the O-[name]GAR[/name] under the bridge of the three billy goats gruff.

I think of something similar as pp, the mythical creature ogre. Not a very pleasant similarity to have.

I have never heard this name before. I’d pronounce it [name]OL[/name]-geerd, with a hard G, and it definitely looks Scandinavian or Dutch to me. And it also has a quite feminine ring to it, maybe because of its similarity to girls’ names ending in -gard. (If it was spelled with a T instead of D, I’d say it was a male name.) [name]Do[/name] you have any more information about the name?

After trying out a couple of pronounciations in my head I settled on “Oh Gurhd” like “Oh God” with a ridiculous accent. No, I’m not fond of it.

I really don’t like this name. It does sound like a mythical creature… If you’re into mythical creatures, [name]Phoenix[/name] or [name]Griffin[/name] are more suitable names! :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, I’m not a fan of the name either, it just doesn’t sound “pretty”