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Respondents: 55 (This poll is closed)

  • Kennedy : 6 (11%)
  • Piper : 38 (69%)
  • Breslin : 2 (4%)
  • Hollyn: 9 (16%)

Hello! Well first of all I’m not really a fan of [name_u]Kennedy[/name_u] with [name_m]Lincoln[/name_m]… if I ever met siblings with those names I’d have to constantly restrain myself from asking the parents if they’ve ever read all of the crazy similarities between those two great presidents (by the way, have you? If not look it up it’s very interesting and somewhat eerie).

That being said, between the other three names I think I like Hollyn, possibly because like her sister Aynsli they both have a y in their name and I think that’s a cute connection. Although I guess Breslin also has sli… but I think I still prefer Hollyn. Breslin would be my second pick for you. [name_u]Piper[/name_u] is a cute name but I don’t feel it goes with your kids as well as those two.

I love unusual names! For me its between Breslin & Hollyn. I voted for Breslin because I think Hollyn might often be mistaken for [name_u]Holland[/name_u]…which is also a great name, but not the one you chose.

I like [name_u]Piper[/name_u] best in general, but I voted for Hollyn because I think it fits better with your other kids’ names, and as another poster mentioned, has the Y in common with Aynsli. I love the sound of Hollyn! (I have Hollin on my own list.)

[name_u]Piper[/name_u], I think the name suits your other children’s names, and the name will age better than Hollyn and Breslin. [name_u]Kennedy[/name_u] and [name_m]Lincoln[/name_m] in one set of siblings is overly presidential, in my opinion

I love [name_u]Piper[/name_u]!! Hollyn would be my second choice

[name_u]Piper[/name_u] seems like the name that is the most straightforward. [name_u]Kennedy[/name_u] is too presidential, and Hollyn sounds/looks confusing to me. [name_u]Piper[/name_u] sounds right with the siblings too.

Of these four, [name_u]Piper[/name_u] definitely gets my vote. Short, peppy and modern without being over trendy.