Please help...I am due in 10 days!

Which of these names do you like best?

[name]Amelia[/name] :slight_smile:

[name]Amelia[/name], by lightyears!

[name]Athena[/name] seems too heavy for an actual child, and [name]Josefena[/name] just looks really odd; [name]Josephina[/name] isn’t bad, but [name]Amelia[/name] is still way better.


I love the names [name]Amelia[/name] and [name]Athena[/name].
[name]Athena[/name] has great literary connections, which I think is cool. But [name]Amelia[/name] is very pretty and I can see it working well on a girl of any age.

I’d definitely go with [name]Amelia[/name] :slight_smile:

[name]Amelia[/name]'s an old favorite. Yes, I do tend to think [name]Athena[/name] is a bit much, but I still love it. I’m trying not to let myself think there are such things as names too beautiful to use.

I like [name]Amelia[/name] and [name]Josefina[/name] about the same, Although i am not wild about the spelling. I prefer [name]Josephina[/name]. I like [name]Amelia[/name] a little more than [name]Josephina[/name] but if you were to call her [name]Josie[/name] then i would have to say i like that name better.

I like [name]Amelia[/name] the best out of those three. Right now I’m liking [name]Amalia[/name] too.

I’m not sure about [name]Athena[/name]. Maybe because I went to school with an [name]Anthea[/name], and that name just sounds prettier to me than [name]Athena[/name] (though it could be just because of association).

I love [name]Amelia[/name]; however, we’re in music class with a beautiful little cherub named [name]Athena[/name] and it completely works. I can see it working well for all kinds of little girls and (more importantly, perhaps) grown women.