Please help me feel better about my name choice!

Dear moms and moms to be,

I am hoping for a little encouragement. My husband and I could not agree on a name for our daughter. I preferred Abigail and he preferred Nora. The only name we could agree on was Avery.

I do love the name Avery for a girl. It makes me think of beauty and success. I just wasn’t sold on giving our daughter a unisex name.

On the day our daughter was born I came across the spelling Averie and I fell in love. (Actually, I came across it in this site!) We named our beautiful baby girl Averie Grace.

Here’s where it gets complicated. I googled Averie’s name and I came across a lot of negativity. I am terrified I made a mistake and gave her a name that people really don’t like. Some people were really mean about it and I got so upset. I can’t stop thinking about it.

To me, the Averie spelling is feminine and beautiful. I realize it could lead to some spelling confusion, but I have looked at it a million times and I honestly prefer it to Avery.

I guess I am just looking for some support and positivity. Do you think Averie is a beautiful name?


Yes!!! It’s very lovely :heart::heart:


It is beautiful!

The spelling feels more feminine and soft than [name_u]Avery[/name_u]. I have met girls with this spelling and it in no way has affected them negatively.


I adore this spelling! All Avery’s and Averie’s I know have been girls, and they all love their names! :heart:


You found a name and spelling you and your husband love. That’s what matters most!

I agree with what you said - [name_f]Averie[/name_f] looks so much more feminine than [name_u]Avery[/name_u]. And [name_f]Averie[/name_f] [name_f]Grace[/name_f] is stunning.

Congrats on your lovely and beautifully named daughter!


[name_f]Averie[/name_f] is lovely! Sweet and appealing in look and plenty of people have alternative spellings (and [name_f]Averie[/name_f] isn’t outlandish in the slightest). The important thing here is that you’re still happy with the spelling


[name_f]Averie[/name_f] is a perfectly fine name!

Some people never outgrow their schoolyard bully mindset. It is one thing to have a preference for a traditional or an alternatively spelled name but there is no reason for them to be so cruel. I’m sorry you encountered such an ugly side of humanity. That’s a reflection on them, not on your choice.

Your daughter’s name is beautiful! I really like the spelling, too! I typically prefer traditional spellings but I really like the -ie ending here!


You did a fabulous job. [name_u]Avery[/name_u] is a beloved name with 3 variations in the top 1000 and one in the top 20!! And it IS unisex so spelling it with an -ie makes it decidedly feminine. It’s a great combo of feminine and strong – homerun!


I actually knew an [name_f]Averie[/name_f] and for the longest time I thought that was the only way to spell it haha!

I think [name_f]Averie[/name_f] is super cute and I love the -ie ending. It reminds me of other sweet girl names like [name_f]Evie[/name_f].

[name_f]Averie[/name_f] [name_f]Grace[/name_f] is a great choice and congratulations on your little girl!!


Wow this is actually my first time seeing it spelled [name_f]Averie[/name_f] and it makes me like it much more!

I don’t usually care too much about gendered names but I strongly associate [name_u]Avery[/name_u] with a particular, male person so it’s hard for me to like it on a girl. [name_f]Averie[/name_f] has fixed that right away - it’s really pretty :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


[name_f]Averie[/name_f] is beautiful! I love the ie spelling so much more for a girl. Im sure she will prefer it too!

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I love the name it’s so pretty! I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the spelling. To me it looks nice. If you love it keep it!

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[name_f]Averie[/name_f] is such a beautiful name! This spelling is also just darling for a girl :heart_eyes: What makes it even more special is that both you and your husband agreed to it and loved it :purple_heart:

Unfortunately, there’s bound to be negative comments over every single name if we looked them up, even the most common. But I definitely think [name_f]Averie[/name_f] is a lovely & safe choice. She’s going to fit right in!


Dear fellow mom, I feel you on this!! I had a similar experience of anxious internet reading after my baby was born, and dwelling/ruminating on all the possible negative perceptions of his name. I think it was a manifestation of postpartum anxiety and sleep deprivation for me, and unfortunately the internet can really fuel that!!

[name_f]Averie[/name_f] is a beautiful, sweet, feminine name, and it’s great that you and your husband both love it! I love the way it looks with this spelling. And [name_f]Averie[/name_f] [name_f]Grace[/name_f] is a lovely combo!

For me, what helped calm that anxiety was just stepping away from the internet experience of/response to names for a little while, and focusing on how they feel in real life, particularly the pleasure of calling this new individual baby by his name :two_hearts: Now the worry has faded away and I’m back to finding names and naming fun!!


[name_f]My[/name_f] mom had a female friend named [name_u]Kelly[/name_u]. In the 70’s, [name_u]Kelly[/name_u] was drafted into the military. When she tried to clear up that she was a she, it somehow didn’t work. She had to physically go down to some military headquarters or something to prove she was female.

So my mom named me [name_f]Kellie[/name_f]. Yes, my name is misspelled almost every time. But I’ve never been drafted! I’ve never even been mistaken for a boy.

[name_f]Averie[/name_f] p r o b a b l y won’t be mistaken for a boy.

[name_u]Avery[/name_u] is also a pretty popular name. All Averys might be confused for other Averys, but yours will be “Averie with an I-E.” Yours will be distinguished.


Oh, one other thing that really helped me actually – I looked up some common names that I KNOW are objectively completely fine or even fantastic, hah, and found similar threads full of negative comments about them (especially that site behind the name, which is just negative about EVERY name, don’t even bother to look!!) and eventually it became comical to me. Like a comment about the name [name_f]Margaret[/name_f]: “Eh- I don’t like it, it’s really ugly.” When I reached the point of laughing out loud at this, I was cured!!!


[name_f]Averie[/name_f] makes me think of [name_f]Reverie[/name_f], soft and sweet

You can find negative stuff about literally any name


[name_f]Averie[/name_f] is so cute x

Thank you for this. I am happy to know I am not alone.:blush: It was really kind of you to share your story with me.

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I have done this too! Haha thank you for making me smile.

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