Please help!

We are naming our daughter [name]Scarlett[/name] but can’t decide on a middle name.

Which do you like best?

[name]Scarlett[/name] [name]Isabella[/name]
[name]Scarlett[/name] [name]Olivia[/name]
[name]Scarlett[/name] [name]Jillian[/name]


[name]Hi[/name]! [name]Scarlett[/name] and [name]Sophie[/name] are wonderful names for your daughters! Here are my thoughts:

[name]Scarlett[/name] [name]Jillian[/name] - I like both of these names, but together they just don’t flow.
[name]Scarlett[/name] [name]Olivia[/name] - [name]Olivia[/name] is only okay to me as a name, and when I say [name]Scarlett[/name] O… I immediately thought of [name]Scarlet[/name] O’[name]Hara[/name] from Gone with the Wind…which isn’t a bad thing, because It’s a literary gem, but I like other choices better.
[name]Scarlett[/name] [name]Isabella[/name] - my favorite from your list. Very simple and feminine.

Others that come to mind:

[name]Scarlett[/name] [name]Josephine[/name]
[name]Scarlett[/name] [name]Johanna[/name]
[name]Scarlett[/name] [name]Maeve[/name]
[name]Scarlet[/name] [name]Elizabeth[/name]

All your middle name options are pretty, but personally, I would go with a shorter middle. All those syllables get to be a tongue twister.

I love both [name]Scarlett[/name] [name]Olivia[/name] and [name]Scarlett[/name] [name]Isabella[/name]. [name]Scarlett[/name] [name]Jillian[/name] doesn’t flow as well, something to do with the emphasis being on the first syllable of both names, I think. Of the two, I like [name]Scarlett[/name] [name]Olivia[/name] the best. :slight_smile: