Please vote for your fav middle to honour someone!

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Respondents: 21 (This poll is closed)

  • Claudie Sapphira Lynn: 4 (19%)
  • Claudie Lydia Lynn: 0 (0%)
  • Claudie Augusta Lynn: 5 (24%)
  • Claudie Monica Lynn: 1 (5%)
  • Claudie Margaret Lynn: 1 (5%)
  • Claudie Euthalia Lynn: 2 (10%)
  • Claudie Shirlia Lynn: 0 (0%)
  • Claudie Shirina Lynn: 0 (0%)
  • Claudie Cordelia Lynn: 6 (29%)
  • Claudie Virginia Lynn: 2 (10%)

I voted for [name]Cordelia[/name]. I think Seabourne and “daughter of the sea” does work. Also (and this shows how nerdy I am) because her name is [name]Shirley[/name] and [name]Anne[/name] [name]Shirley[/name] ([name]Anne[/name] of [name]Green[/name] Gables) always wished her name was [name]Cordelia[/name]!

If you are still stuck at the end of this, [name]Claudie[/name] Seabourne [name]Lynn[/name] would also be pretty awesome.

I agree that [name]Claudie[/name] Seabourne [name]Lynn[/name] is awesome, id go for that.

The name I voted for is [name]Augusta[/name], since it is more obvious, [name]Shirly[/name]'s birthday was in [name]August[/name], so [name]Augusta[/name] seems really logic to me. But I prefer Seabourne.

I voted for [name]Claudie[/name] [name]Monica[/name] [name]Lynn[/name], because I like the flow, and how it sounds. However, I do agree with the pp that [name]Claudie[/name] Seabourne [name]Lynn[/name] would be wonderful! Or, you could go with [name]Claudie[/name] [name]Lynn[/name] Seabourne. (I like the flow better when I say it outloud.)

Thanks guys! I have considered Seabourne itself before but I feel like it’s maybe too unisex and modern for me. I tend to go for prettier, frillier names. I will run it by my partner though because it’s a lovely idea :slight_smile:

Front runners right now are probably [name]Sapphira[/name], Euthalia, [name]Cordelia[/name], [name]Lydia[/name] and [name]Augusta[/name].

Still not sure how to pronounce Euthalia though. You-[name]TAH[/name]-lee-uh, You-THA-lee-uh, You-[name]TAY[/name]-lee-uh or You-[name]THAY[/name]-lee-uh? Or something else?

I also really want it to sound good with [name]Rosalia[/name] and I think Euthalia has a similar feel and sound.

So it seems [name]Augusta[/name], [name]Sapphira[/name] and [name]Cordelia[/name] are winning! I’m not sure I could bring myself to use [name]Augusta[/name]. I like [name]August[/name] more but I’m not sure [name]Claudie[/name] [name]August[/name] [name]Lynn[/name] flows as well. And I still don’t think it has the same feel as [name]Rosalia[/name] [name]Mary[/name] [name]Catrin[/name]. I think I need kind of a classic but slightly frilly name because [name]Rose[/name], [name]Mary[/name] and [name]Catherine[/name] are all very classic names but [name]Rosalia[/name] is very pretty and frilly. [name]Claudie[/name]'s more of a cute, nick namey name, and [name]Lynn[/name] isn’t really my style but has a lot of personal meaning so the second middle should tie the two names together some how I think.

I’m leaning towards [name]Sapphira[/name] (but not sure if they combo sounds as good as [name]Rosalia[/name] [name]Mary[/name] [name]Catrin[/name]) and Euthalia (but still finding conflicting opinions on how to pronounce it!)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

I was born in [name]August[/name] and have never heard of [name]Sapphire[/name] as the birthstone! It is [name]Peridot[/name]! I believe [name]Sapphire[/name] is the stone for [name]September[/name].

[name]Do[/name] you like [name]Claudie[/name] [name]Peridot[/name] [name]Lynn[/name]? I think it has almost a similar vibe as [name]Rosalia[/name] [name]Mary[/name] [name]Catrin[/name] (beautiful combo!). Well, maybe not really similar, it’s definitely funkier…

[name]Claudie[/name] Euthalia [name]Lynn[/name]… I would pronounce it with a th sound, but I have no clue if that’s correct! I feel like this combo is just a little too much. Well not too much, but [name]Rosalia[/name] [name]Mary[/name] [name]Catrin[/name], while unique and beautiful and a standout name definitely feel familiar, especially with [name]Mary[/name] right there in the middle! [name]Claudie[/name] is familiar, but much less so than [name]Rosalia[/name], and Euthalia is all but unheard of.

[name]Claudie[/name] [name]Cordelia[/name] [name]Lynn[/name] is beautiful! This is definitely what I would go with! I think the meaning of [name]Cordelia[/name] relating to Seabourne is much more personal than her saints days, in my opinion. This is the only one who seems like a sister to [name]Rosalia[/name] [name]Mary[/name] [name]Catrin[/name] to me. I think it’s perfect!

Too be continued!

Thanks so much for your input! I do love the name [name]Cordelia[/name] too so that’s an added bonus to me I just worry if the link is too obscure, because it’s only too her last name not her first? I guess it’s no more obscure than Euthalia though! My partner’s not a fan of [name]Cordelia[/name] but he’d pretty much let me use anything I liked in the middle lol.

I believe [name]Sapphire[/name] is the Ayurvedic birthstone for [name]August[/name] which relates to ancient [name]Indian[/name] medicine and philosophy. See here, I may (I stress may, we’re not sure!!) have some [name]Indian[/name] heritage so there’s some kind of link there if I ever look into it and it turns out to be true! Lol.

With [name]Sapphira[/name] too, there are so many other meanings because it’s the birthstone for [name]September[/name] and both my partner and mother’s birthdays are in Septemeber, the Ayurvedic birthstone for august when both my grandmother and sisters birthdays are, and the birthstone for [name]Taurus[/name], my star sign. Mine and my partner’s favourite colours are both blue too and for all those reasons we chose a [name]Sapphire[/name] engagement ring so there’s that link too! On top of that it’s an S for [name]Shirley[/name]. when paired with [name]Lynn[/name] also it gives the meaning “[name]Sapphire[/name] [name]Lake[/name]” which is kind of a beautiful image!

But I’m just not set on it because I don’t feel like I “love” the name if you take away the personal meanings. [name]Cordelia[/name] on the other hand I do actually just love. And [name]Lydia[/name] also is a favourite of mine. Arrrgh it’s hard deciding. If only she had a middle name that went well with [name]Claudie[/name]! Lol.

Another I’m thinking of, although it doesn’t go with [name]Lynn[/name] is [name]Maren[/name]. [name]Maren[/name] means “sea” and also it’s kind of a combination of my [name]MIL[/name] ([name]Marilyn[/name]) and my mum ([name]Karen[/name])'s names! If I could find a name that means “born” I could use [name]Claudie[/name] [name]Maren[/name] “[name]Born[/name]” and then it would mean “Sea born”. Hmmmmm.

To be continued indeed…why am I such a pain with this naming lark!? I think I just want to fill too much criteria with one name in case I only get one daughter! Lol.

Oh and one more name idea, though it may be even more obscure than the others as a way of honouring her! [name]Freya[/name]. I read that the day Friday was named for the goddess [name]Freya[/name] and both me and my grandmother were born on Fridays…hmmmmm.