Plz help vote! So confused

Normally my we like uncommon & unique spelling names so we chose an Irish name Keelan for our 2nd son. We also love the name [name_m]Jackson[/name_m] but its also a very popular name to consider so we need advice… Which way sounds best & why so. Thanks

Keelan [name_m]Jax[/name_m] Welsh
[name_m]Jaxson[/name_m] Keelan Welsh
Keelan [name_m]Jaxson[/name_m] Welsh

Keelan [name_m]Jax[/name_m] Welsh gets my vote. Keelan and [name_m]Jaxson[/name_m] have the same ending and they both have two syllables so it doesn’t flow as well.

I pick Keelan [name_m]Jax[/name_m] for flow reasons as well and not having a repeated n sound at the end.

Keelan [name_m]Jax[/name_m]
Otherwise you have 2 names ending the same way in a row and my personal preferance is not for that

Keelan [name_m]Jax[/name_m] vote for me too

Yup Keelan [name_m]Jax[/name_m] for the aforementioned reasons. I have a friend who just had a baby [name_m]Jackson[/name_m] and calls him [name_m]Jax[/name_m], which I love :slight_smile:

I agree with previous posters that Keelan [name_m]Jax[/name_m] is the best of the combinations. I would also suggest Keelan [name_m]Fox[/name_m], as [name_m]Jax[/name_m], to me, comes off a little too trendy/common.


Keelan [name_m]Jax[/name_m] gets my vote too.