What do you think of the name Polar for a girl :blush:

It’s very wordy and reminds me of bipolar


Too wordy for me too. It’s one of those words I wish could be a name though. It’s got a really nice vibe but it’s a no from me.

Not a favourite seems odd as a name

I like the nature vibe that this name is going for but unfortunately, I just think of other ways polar can be used like polar opposites or bipolar.

I really want to like it, I love the wintery, snowy imagery of it. Unfortunately though, it reminds me too much of bipolar, so I’m not a fan sorry!!

My first thought was “polar bear,” so I’m not sure it’s usable. What if the bearer of this name struggled with their weight and body image, and then heard people call her “polar bear” all the time?

I find it a bit odd because it immediately makes me think of ‘polar opposites’ and I’m not sure how I feel about that as an association! Could use it in the middle though?

I think it’s really cute, actually! Unfortunately some immediate associations may make it more of a GP. For more names with sort of a similar feel, maybe [name_u]Frost[/name_u], [name_u]Snow[/name_u], Arctic, [name_u]Boreal[/name_u], or [name_f]Apricity[/name_f]?

Polar is kind of cute but I’m not sure the associations or vibe is right

I don’t dislike what you’re trying to do here, but it does remind me of bipolar disorder. What about using Polaris like the star?


Was gonna suggest the same. Polaris. You get Polar in there but it’s more “complete” and “namey” less “wordy”


All I can think of are polar bears and bipolar disorder.

Polar doesn’t work for me. It’s cold and a little harsh.

I don’t see it as a name, but rather a word, so it would feel weird to have Polar as my name. Maybe you would like [name_f]Pilar[/name_f] which is an established name especially in the Spanish culture.

I only think polar bear, sorry. I think Solar works a bit better as a close-sounding word name.

I agree with @kidpix21it reminds me of Bipolar which if kids notice could both lead to bullying because of how stigmatised mental illness is

I think of Polaris, which could be more of a name then just Polar since I think of bipolar by itself.:slight_smile: