POLL - Boys' Names

See the results of this poll: Which Boys’ Name?

Respondents: 42 (This poll is closed)

  • Aidan: 4 (10%)
  • Andrew: 9 (21%)
  • Benjamin: 8 (19%)
  • Jack: 9 (21%)
  • Liam: 4 (10%)
  • Luke: 5 (12%)
  • Owen: 3 (7%)


I love [name]Aidan[/name] (but prefer the [name]Aiden[/name] spelling) and [name]Liam[/name]… [name]Luke[/name] is very handsome too… You have a very good taste :wink: Whatever, I voted for [name]Aidan[/name]


I adore [name]Jack[/name]! I would go with [name]Jack[/name]. Seems a little more classic and less trendy feeling than [name]Liam[/name]. [name]Both[/name] are super nice names, though.

I really like [name]Jack[/name] [name]Andrew[/name], or [name]Jack[/name] [name]Benjamin[/name].

I love [name]Liam[/name] [name]Andrew[/name] I really do so smart and today. [name]Jack[/name] is becoming really, really popular something to consider.

I think [name]Liam[/name] or [name]Jack[/name] would be my favorites.