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Respondents: 39 (This poll is closed)

  • Warren Albert Footer: 14 (36%)
  • Lucas Albert Footer: 25 (64%)

[name]Lucas[/name] definitely [name]Warren[/name] seems very dated to me.


I disagree - I think [name]Warren[/name] is ready to come back while [name]Lucas[/name] has been back too long - I know a lot of little ones but no little Warrens.


I see both points of view, but I simply think that [name]Lucas[/name] Footer is a more appealing combo than [name]Warren[/name] Footer.

I like both names but think I agree with phoebesmom that [name]Lucas[/name] sounds better with your surname than [name]Warren[/name] (regardless of how you pronounce it). Why don’t you take both to the hospital and see which fits best?