poll for these 4 girl names

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Respondents: 15 (This poll is closed)

  • Lulu Rosina : 7 (47%)
  • Rayna Liv : 6 (40%)
  • Malvina Anastasia : 1 (7%)
  • Avey (Aye-vee) Veronica: 1 (7%)

I picked [name]Lulu[/name] [name]Rosina[/name], but I don’t like any of them. [name]Louise[/name] [name]Rosina[/name] would be better ([name]Lulu[/name] is too nicknamy for a first name.)
The other three aren’t my taste.

  • [name]Athena[/name]

I chose [name]Lulu[/name] [name]Rosina[/name], it’s the best combonation. Unfortunalty I really dislike all of your combo’s they just aren’t to my taste. I’d prefer [name]Louise[/name]/[name]Louisa[/name] as a first name because [name]Lulu[/name] is way too nicknamey.