Poll: Girls names from our updated list

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Respondents: 64 (This poll is closed)

  • Audrey Kate : 23 (36%)
  • Clara Isabel : 5 (8%)
  • Ivy Caroline : 11 (17%)
  • Alice June : 14 (22%)
  • Ella Juliet : 5 (8%)
  • Lucy Madeline: 6 (9%)

[name]Hi[/name] Eliza9 - the poll is not attached. Can you try again? :slight_smile:

[name]Hi[/name] Kyemsma - Did it work now? I was having some difficulty posting it :wink:

It’s soooo hard to choose! These are all such great names!

1 [name]Audrey[/name] [name]Kate[/name] - spunkily vintage
2 [name]Ivy[/name] [name]Caroline[/name] - naturally elegant
3 [name]Lucy[/name] [name]Madeline[/name] - sweetly classic

  1. [name]Lucy[/name] [name]Madeline[/name]
  2. [name]Clara[/name] [name]Isabel[/name]
  3. [name]Ivy[/name] [name]Caroline[/name]

I voted for [name]Audrey[/name] [name]Kate[/name] because I just think it’s classically stunning and reminiscent of some pretty awesome women. That said, I think [name]Clara[/name] is a really underused, gorgeous, classy classy name. [name]Just[/name] watch Back to the [name]Future[/name] again if you need some encouragement. With another middle name I would go for [name]Clara[/name]!

Honestly, they are all so nice! But if I must…

[name]Audrey[/name] [name]Kate[/name], [name]Alice[/name] [name]June[/name] and [name]Lucy[/name] [name]Madeline[/name] are my favorites.

[name]Hi[/name] Eliza9, Yes, it did work for me…I chose the beautiful [name]Audrey[/name] [name]Kate[/name], with [name]Lucy[/name] [name]Madeline[/name] coming in second!


You’ve just got so many beautiful names on this list! I chose [name]Ivy[/name] [name]Caroline[/name] because I think it’s the perfect blend of vintage and classic. It’s got style and spunk and I love that! It’s a name you aren’t likely to forget.

That being said, [name]Audrey[/name] [name]Kate[/name] and [name]Lucy[/name] [name]Madeline[/name] are beautiful. I don’t think they’re as striking as [name]Ivy[/name] [name]Caroline[/name], but they are pretty and sweet. I don’t think [name]Clara[/name] [name]Isabel[/name] has the best flow, but [name]Ivy[/name] and [name]Clara[/name] would make great siblings one day - right? Then you’ve got [name]Alice[/name] [name]June[/name] and [name]Ella[/name] [name]Juliet[/name] - I’d reverse them. [name]Alice[/name] [name]Juliet[/name] and [name]Ella[/name] [name]June[/name] - that way, both names have vintage with classic romanticism, which I think is a nicer blend.


I [name]LOVE[/name] [name]Audrey[/name] [name]Kate[/name] and [name]Alice[/name] [name]June[/name]. Amazing!!! Can’t choose between the two.

I chose [name]Alice[/name] [name]June[/name]- so beautiful! I love the vintge charm! My other top two would be [name]Audrey[/name] [name]Kate[/name] and [name]Clara[/name] [name]Isabel[/name]. Good luck, you have lovely choices!

  • [name]Athena[/name]

[name]Ivy[/name] [name]Caroline[/name] is stunning! If [name]Clara[/name] [name]Juliet[/name] had been an option though, then that may have just got my vote instead. [name]Alice[/name] [name]June[/name] is cute too.

I love your choices [name]Ella[/name] [name]Clara[/name] [name]Ivy[/name] and [name]Juliet[/name] are some of my very faves. Im in love with [name]Clara[/name] and it is tops for my next girl and I love [name]Juliet[/name] in the Mn spot. So [name]Clara[/name] [name]Juliet[/name] would be my ultimate, also [name]Love[/name] [name]Ella[/name] but maybe not with [name]Juliet[/name]

I am completely torn between [name]Audrey[/name] [name]Kate[/name], [name]Clara[/name] [name]Isabel[/name] and [name]Alice[/name] [name]June[/name] - they’re all beautiful!
Have you considered [name]Eleanor[/name] instead of [name]Ella[/name]?

Good luck!

All lovely names- [name]Audrey[/name] [name]Kate[/name] I used for a character in a story once, actually, but although it’s cute I think it’s a little country sounding. I love [name]Clara[/name] [name]Isabel[/name]- unexpected, especially the spelling of [name]Isabel[/name]- and [name]Ivy[/name] [name]Caroline[/name].