Poll: Kynlee

See the results of this poll: What do you think of the name Kynlee?

Respondents: 72 (This poll is closed)

  • Love it! It’s cute! : 3 (4%)
  • Like it. : 5 (7%)
  • Dislike it. : 23 (32%)
  • Hate it. It’s terrible.: 41 (57%)

[name]Kynlee[/name] has a beautiful sound to it but the creative spelling turns me off this name big time. If it were spelled [name]Kinley[/name] I’d like it better. Because, [name]Kinley[/name] is an “American made-up name” and is in the top 200 I understand the desire to change it up but the idea that [name]Kynlee[/name] has also made it in the top 1000 freaks me out a bit.

I’m surprised that you’d make a poll about a name like [name]Kynlee[/name]. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with it - though I definitely don’t love it and it’s not at all my style - it just doesn’t go with any of the names in your signature, which are all classics with long (and most of them regal) histories.

Soooo tryndee and with a kre8ive spelling too. Really don’t like it.

I would like it ok if it was [name]Kinley[/name], cause then it could be a reference to Mt. [name]McKinley[/name], which would be neat. Spelled [name]Kynlee[/name], it just looks like every other little girl name I hear. [name]Rylee[/name], [name]Kyree[/name], Kylynn, etc.

I quite like [name]Kinley[/name] and [name]Kenley[/name].
The y and the ee are like nails on a chalkboard for me though.

[name]Kinley[/name] is okay. [name]Kynlee[/name] is tryndee and looks like you can’t spell.

I could not agree more!

I really hate the name, I’m sorry. I find it juvenile and the sound cloying and childish. The spelling really does not help, either. [name]Kinley[/name], I can at least look at - [name]Kynlee[/name] just adds to it sounding juvenile. I can’t imagine trying to age with this name.

I think it’s really cute but I’d like it more if it was spelled differently. Kynlie maybe? :slight_smile:

I love the name when it is spelled [name]Kenley[/name]!

Apt observation, claireelise! You have pegged my favorite style perfectly. I do like names other than classics with long regal histories, but those types of names are my fave. : )

An acquaintance of mine is planning to name her daughter [name]Kynlee[/name] when she is born. I was curious to see if others had the same reaction that I have to the name [name]Kynlee[/name]. I voted for “Hate it. It’s terrible”.

Once lexiem suggested that [name]Kynlee[/name] has an attractive sound and would probably be better spelled [name]Kinley[/name], I saw some appeal in the name [name]Kynlee[/name] spelled [name]Kinley[/name]. I noticed several posters have suggested something very similar.

Thanks for your replies everyone! : )