Poll Time! 2nd Baby Girl & sister for Rosalie! PLEASE VOTE!

See the results of this poll: Which is your favorite/goes best with sister Rosalie Paloma Skye?

Respondents: 28 (This poll is closed)

  • Susanna Amabel Wren : 7 (25%)
  • Marianne Adora Bree : 2 (7%)
  • Angelina Reina Pearl : 8 (29%)
  • Helena Beatriz Lou : 9 (32%)
  • Ariella Clarice Faye: 2 (7%)

Comment with opinions, too, please :)!!

I voted [name]Angelina[/name], but I really [name]Ariella[/name] too. They’re both really stunning, but I ended up voting [name]Angelina[/name] because I just think it’s so sweet that your daughter love that name! But I can’t help but add that I would have loved for the [name]Juliette[/name] combo to stay. It was such a stunning combo, really my favorite. But oh well, all of your name combos are stunning (:

Oh, I forgot to add that I love the [name]Susanna[/name] combo, too. I [name]LOVE[/name] it, but alas, I don’t really like the name [name]Susanna[/name] by itself, so that’s why I didn’t vote for it (:

[name]Susanna[/name] [name]Amabel[/name] [name]Wren[/name] is quite stunning and I think it complements [name]Rosalie[/name] [name]Paloma[/name] [name]Skye[/name] beautifully!

I’m really surprised that the [name]Susanna[/name] and [name]Helena[/name] combos are the most popular! The [name]Helena[/name] combo was just kinda thrown together, and although DH likes [name]Susanna[/name], I’m not crazy about it.

DH is surprised that [name]Marianne[/name] has gotten no votes! I am too!

So far, I think [name]Angelina[/name] is my favorite, just like [name]Rosalie[/name]. She’s been drawing pictures of her and her “baby sister [name]Angelina[/name] Ballerina”. It’s too cute!

Thanks for the feedback and keep it coming :)!

I voted for [name]Angelina[/name], I think it has the same kind of romantic feel to it as [name]Rosalie[/name] has:)

I voted for [name]Helena[/name] [name]Beatriz[/name] [name]Lou[/name]. I think [name]Rosalie[/name] and [name]Helena[/name] are stunning together, and [name]Helena[/name] has such lovely nicknames (my personal favorite being [name]Leni[/name], but I think [name]Lena[/name], [name]Ella[/name], and [name]Nell[/name] are lovely as well).

I nearly voted for [name]Ariella[/name] or [name]Angelina[/name], though! I think [name]Ari[/name] and [name]Ella[/name]/[name]Elle[/name] are adorable nns for [name]Ariella[/name], and [name]Rosalie[/name] and [name]Ariella[/name]/[name]Ari[/name] are just adorable together. I also love [name]Annie[/name] and [name]Lina[/name] as nns for [name]Angelina[/name], and I love the meaning behind [name]Angelina[/name]… besides, I think [name]Rosalie[/name] and [name]Angelina[/name] are very cute together!

Good luck!

Although I voted [name]Susanna[/name], I really feel the choice of [name]Angelina[/name] is perfect! It suits with [name]Rosalie[/name] and I agree has te same romantic beautiful feel to it, plus I am smitten with the fact that your daughter chose it! Adorable! So really my vote goes to [name]Angelina[/name] :slight_smile:
I can’t wait to hear what you chose!

All the best :slight_smile: