Poppy or Daisy


Your style is a little too cutesy for my taste, here are the combos in order of preference.

1 [name]Poppy[/name] [name]May[/name] [name]Blossom[/name] - Would [name]Poppy[/name] [name]Mae[/name] [name]Blossom[/name] be an option?
2 [name]Lily[/name] [name]May[/name] [name]Blossom[/name] - I think [name]Lily[/name] [name]Mae[/name] [name]Blossom[/name] would look better. There’s something about two y’s that I don’t find attractive.
3 [name]Daisy[/name] [name]May[/name] [name]Blossom[/name] - There is too much “ay” sound in [name]Daisy[/name] [name]May[/name] and again repetitive y’s.

I’d prefer [name]Poppy[/name] [name]Mae[/name] [name]Blossom[/name] too. I love both [name]Poppy[/name] and [name]May[/name] very much, but together they are a bit, well, much :slight_smile:

I love [name]Poppy[/name] :slight_smile: I know some people feel it’s not that wearable on an adult, but I definitely disagree! I think it’s so lively and pretty, and can picture it on toddlers, grown women, and grandmas alike. I think [name]Poppy[/name] [name]May[/name] [name]Blossom[/name] is very sweet (is she due in [name]May[/name]??)

[name]Mae[/name] isn’t an option as i prefer the traditional spelling & it is a family name.
I’m aware they’re very cutesy names but it doesn’t put me off :slight_smile:

the partner wants [name]Poppy[/name] [name]May[/name] [name]Georgia[/name] or [name]Poppy[/name] [name]May[/name] [name]Rose[/name]

She’s actually due in [name]July[/name], but [name]May[/name] is the only name in my family & my partners.
[name]Poppy[/name] is a name we have chose as we found out during poppy week, when she would have been the size of a [name]Poppy[/name] seed (:
I also had two sisters who sadly passed away due to being premature, they were due on rememberence sunday which also links into [name]Poppy[/name]'s.
[name]Blossom[/name] is the name my grandma has asked me to use & [name]Blossom[/name] is a word used on the grave of my sisters.

So all in all its a very meaningful name :slight_smile:

I think [name]Poppy[/name] would be the best, and I love the name, it has so much energy and is very likeable. All the best and I like the connections to family too.


I like it even more now that it has so much meaning :slight_smile: I think your daughter will love her name!

I think [name]Poppy[/name] is beautiful. I’ve never been a fan of [name]Daisy[/name] for some reason and I agree that [name]Lily[/name] is too popular.

I like your cute style! The only thing is that for me [name]Poppy[/name] isn’t usable cause to me it means father. So I like [name]Daisy[/name] [name]May[/name] [name]Blossom[/name] much better. Maybe you would like:

I know what you mean but i call my dad Pops/Papa so i kind of like how it links into him, as i really do adore my dad! :slight_smile: but i know that reason puts several people off the name.
Other names we considered were [name]Ivy[/name], [name]Violet[/name], [name]Elsie[/name], [name]Isabella[/name] etc but we just kept going back to [name]Poppy[/name] or [name]Daisy[/name].

[name]Love[/name] [name]Poppy[/name]! never mind my bias.