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All in the title. [name_m]Can[/name_m] be about anything, or everything. I’ll go first:

I was online, and someone was hosting a zoo roleplay, so I joined just to politely tell them about how bad captivity is. Some girl saw me and started to be like “UGH UR SO MEAN! UGH I BET U HAVE NEVER BEEN TO A ZOO! UGH THE ANIMALS AT WILD KINGDOM HAVE A MILE TO ROAM!” And it was obvious she was backing up her claim with only 1 experience and it was mostly opinion. I had evidence to support my claim, I had done research, I knew my stuff. This girl just kept shouting “WILD KINGDOM IS SO BIG THEY HAVE A MILE UGH UR MEAN!!!” [name_m]Long[/name_m] story short, I won that argument.
And also, she kept saying: “The animals don’t care they don’t even come near you, and at the zoo they just hide in the back!” Which, yeah they don’t come near you because they don’t want to. And hiding in
the back all the time means they don’t like seeing humans.

Anyways, your turn.


I absolutely despise animal breeders. According to the ASPCA, there are approximately 3.3 million dogs in shelters in the US alone and 3.6 million cats. Of that, approximately 1.5 million are euthanised, 670,000 dogs & 860,000 cats. Breeders are contributing to the already out of control population of these animals. Having been involved with numerous rescues, I often see these over bred dogs forced to carry litters until they can no more, dumped and disregarded since they were no longer to the breeders use. A lot of these dogs were kept in terrible conditions and had numerous health issues. Some of which had become frightened of humans due to the condition they were forced to live in and often of times being beat, they would become reactive to fosters and need to be euthanised.

[name_m]Just[/name_m] to add a bit more to my rant: In 2018, dogs classified as “Pitbulls” made up 41% of the shelters. Yet there are thousands of breeders who keep breeding these “exotic” bullies. They already have a bad reputation and yet the breeders like to add to the stigma by cropping their ears and docking their tails which they “normalise” by false information.

Edit: Would also like to talk about the health issues these overbred dogs have. They are bred to be “small and stocky” causing issues with breathing and organs mainly. Most of these “exotic” dogs, such as tea pot puppies, only live for maybe a year to three, that is without any complications. Why give your money to a breeder who has no care for the well being of the puppies they are selling


When people call their pets “stupid” and “dumb.”

When my roomie ignores my (slight) germaphobia and washes my dishes during a pandemic, even though I’ve politely told her before that, while I appreciate the offer, I prefer to wash my own dishes. I get chills when I come out to see that my wishes have been ignored and she has indeed gone ahead and washed my dishes anyway with her watery soap, but I am also filled with self-hatred because I don’t want to seem unreasonable just because someone practices bad hygiene.

When people laugh while I’m upset :pleading_face:

When people don’t understand that grief is lifelong and, while I can have moments of joy, I will still lay awake at night cursing the world for allowing innocent beings to suffer painful deaths. Grief becomes a part of you.

When people try to harp on me for being a night owl.


My rant for today is rude people.
So I have this woman who lives literally opposite to me. ( Our kids go to the same school) we live in a village. She deliberately goes out of her way to avoid me. If she sees me walking my boys to school she pretends she needs to get something out of her pram just so I can walk past her… and so she doesn’t have to make conversation. I’ve smiled at her a few times she never smiles back…
She knows exactly who I am and she is just super aloof.
I’m aloof too but if someone says hi to me or smiles then I reciprocate. [name_f]My[/name_f] partner seems to think she is shy but I think that’s a load of bollacks. Rant over.


My rant of the day is also animal related. Hamster relates to be specific.

I’m in a hamster group on Facebook that I joined because their rules explicitly state “no cage bashing or unwanted advice allowed”. Yet some people in the group ignore this rule and will rip others to shreds over their hamster’s cage, wheel, bedding, food, etc. I was in a different group before this one where cage bashing was deemed an acceptable way to advise people and I left after they made a 14-year-old girl cry and feel absolutely awful about the cage and wheel she had for her hamster. Sometimes what people have might not be great, but it’s still decent and they know it’s safe and suitable for their own hamster. It just amazes me how some of the members seem to think that unless you have the absolute best of everything, what you’re doing is wrong and cruel and killing your hamster. It annoys me as well how some of them will say “maybe you should have done your research before buying a hamster” when they don’t even know the circumstances of how they came to have their hamster. And I think they forget that pet store staff don’t always know about all the animals they sell so they will likely give incorrect advice without realising it, and someone who’s never owned a hamster will assume it’s correct.

Summary - it irritates me how some people in my FB hamster group make you feel as though you’re doing a terrible job at caring for your hamster because you went for the cheaper option of the exact same expensive thing they use.

Hope you enjoyed my rant


That’s so mean! Yeah, new pet owners, you can expect them to make mistakes. Making one simple mistake isn’t going to put your pet’s life in jeopardy unless it’s a serious mistake. [name_m]Just[/name_m] because they make a mistake doesn’t mean they didn’t do research. I did research for months before getting my first hamster, but even then, my family and I still made mistakes. We had a wire cage from Petco and the wrong bottles and wheel. But we eventually learned our hamster needed new things so we used a big plastic tote as his new cage, and we changed the bottles and wheel as well. Also, to all the rude people on the hamster FB group: You probably made the exact same mistake at first so shut it. And don’t say “No I didn’t” because you did. Everyone does it. So stop.


I’m friends with this girl, who herself is an immigrant, but hates immigration and the likes. The worst part is that she doesn’t even get discriminated against because her adoptive dad is a white American and big in the school system.

Anyways, we’re hanging out on her birthday, but it’s just… IDK.


She may just be terrified by human interaction. It’s not necessarily you.

My rant for the day would be too political.

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Me too.

Shelters are 100% better in my opinion. We have never gotten a pet from a breeder. There are kill shelters out there which is heartbreaking while people are just breeding the “perfect” animals to look good. It’s terrible. It makes me so sad and angry. ANd anyway, if you go to a shelter the animal gets to pick you out so you know they love you. And just…why pay a ton of money anyway? It’s just terrible to me.

ok this is bad i know


My rant for the day is GIB$0N J. P. yes I know his full name he is so annoying he decided he had to introduce himself with his full name. No I don’t usually dislike people, he is the second person I’ve really disliked in my life and the first person literally made my sister have to get stitches (not really intentionally but still he was so bad and annoying and he also had a crush on me which was gross) BUT THIS GUY :scream: :rage: :scream: :angry: :rage: :pouting_cat:

He annoys everyone. He literally reminds the teacher we have homework. He says present instead of here. He decides he has to make some long-winded weirdly worded speech about something totally random to show off his knowledge. He interrupts class to point out the teacher’s one tiny mistake or a random typo in the book. He makes really boring jokes but says them really meanly and they’re not funny and then he gets angry we don’t know they’re jokes (e.g. today our [name_f]English[/name_f] teacher asked if we were all awake and he said in his annoying voice “well yes I think it’s apparent that we are all awake as we are all here” and then the teacher was like “I’m joking” and she is very strict anyway so she usually doesn’t joke but then he replied angrily (not like wrathful lol just annoyed angry and tense) “weLl yES I kNEw ThAt I mEAntT it As a JoKE”) and he always has to interrupt after anyone says something and say “I CONCUR” or “I DISAGREE” and is really annoying and just keeps saying it louder and gets annoyed if people don’t hear. Like dude it’s the MIDDLE OF CLASS and the teacher is trying to say why that answer is right!!!|

Also when we were in in person school he always played random music (from 30s music to the Beatles to the Imperial [name_u]March[/name_u]) loudly and a teacher had to actually ban him from asking questions or interrupting cause he did so much

I tried to bear him for the first sememster and I did then he just got so annoying. OH NO I AM BEING RUDE NOW OH NO I AM NOT A RUDE PERSON :sob: and no of course I am not rude when I encounter him (I try to rarely so I don’t be rude or annoyed lol) I am nice but he makes it really hard…



Go ahead and rant, that’s what the thread is here for. Also, that dude sounds really annoying.

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UGH he sounds like J0sh AND UGH THAT GUY ANNOYS ME

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My rant for the day is my body hurts a lot. There are many other things too but… :grimacing:


Reminds me of one of my first uni housemates, [name_m]Bob[/name_m]. He always had an opinion and assumed he was correct. I always found it hilarious how he would argue UK laws with me that I was studying at the time. I would even show him the actual statute and he would still insist I was wrong and he was right. His evidence would be a statute for a completely different country, sometimes not even a European one. He also took joy in annoying people and when they’d get angry with him, he’d make fun of them for that because “they can’t take a joke”. I don’t think he has any concept of boundaries and when certain lines should and shouldn’t be crossed. I was so happy the day he moved out!

@penelope_lynson that’s awful! [name_f]Hope[/name_f] you feel better soon!


Ahh that sucks. I can see why this would be a difficult situation. It reminds me of similar situations i’ve been through.

My advice would be to ignore/ avoid him if possible, and like you said you were already doing, try not to be mean. I imagine he comes from a family who haven’t parented him well and that’s why he’s come out a bit Narcissistic (by the sounds of it), defensive and mean as a result.

I imagine he wants to connect with people but gets frustrated and defensive because his understanding of brilliance (what he’s been taught at home most likely) doesn’t get him the feedback he expects.

It’s so difficult in that situation because it’s hard to help someone like that. It would be good and important for someone to show this person kindness and love (because it seems he is desperately in need of it, judging by the fact that he is an attention seeker) but because he is also defensive and can snipe at you, it makes it a situation where you don’t want to try - and indeed, it isn’t your responsibility to do so.

I think it’s the responsibility of the teachers to witness what is going on and try to help him, especially as his behaviour is affecting other people’s learning. It would be good for a counsellor to approach him.

In the meantime, I guess all you can do is avoid him, but try to remember that his behaviour is most likely the result of bad parenting. The fact that he needs attention shows that something is wrong in that department at home. It is at the root, most likely very sad :confused:

Good luck!


He sounds exactly like [name_u]Georgie[/name_u]…

Georgie thinks he can interrupt anyone by saying “excuse me” before he does. He also thinks the word “woman” is sexist and will say you’re sexist if you say “The woman walked into the room.” When you say it’s not sexist, he just snaps, “Well, I have two moms, so I know about sexism!” He’s not even a girl though, it’s annoying.


“You can’t be loved until you learn to love yourself.”
“No one will love you unless you love yourself.”

No. Stop feeding this notion. This is toxic, dangerous, and an absolutely awful thing to say to someone who is struggling. You are WORTHY of being loved, whether you love yourself or not. YES, it’s important to learn to love yourself, but don’t tell people that they can’t be loved unless they love themselves first; it’s the fastest way to destroy an already depressed person.


So true!

My rant of the day is, my [name_m]German[/name_m] teacher didn’t like my assignment, I did it after recovering from coma! Yes it wasn’t perfect but all my body hurts like hell and I did my assignment.


Did the teacher know you had a coma? If they did, then shame on them. If not, well, just tell them your situation. That teacher is just… salty otherwise.


Maybe not the coma but she knew I’m in hospital :neutral_face:

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