Post edit time limit?

Why is there a time limit to how long after posting you can edit a post? Is there a way to change this or extend this? I’ve noticed ones I did earlier this summer (as it’s still summer here), I can’t edit anymore. I remember on the old format where you could continue to edit months later.

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The time you have to edit depends on your [name_u]Trust[/name_u] Level.

I believe lower TLs are restricted to prevent spammers editing links back into otherwise innocuous posts at a later stage to avoid the spam filters. Obviously that’s not an issue in your case!

I’ve just tweaked the settings so that TL2+ users can edit indefinitely. I’d still like to keep the limits on brand new users (currently set to 24 hours) for the above reasons.


Thank you. I understand completely. I just came across a couple of my old posts I wanted to edit for privacy and couldn’t. :pray:t2: :slight_smile:


@katinka On the same topic, what is the limit for number of edits in a time period and what is that time period?

30 edits in a 24 hour period.

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OK. I guess it’s going to take a while to make all my previous posts un-Google-searchable.