"Post is being edited by another user"

I just got this message today. I didn’t remember to take a screenshot but I will if it happens again (and it’s happened before iirc) It stopped me from editing my post because “another user” was already editing it. The post wasn’t a wiki.

I was able to edit the post, but it showed this icon: Screenshot 2020-12-04 at 11.14.07 PM which usually doesn’t appear when I edit right after posting.

Is this a glitch with the system or should I be treating it like a security issue? Anyone else get this message?

Hi @acajou,

It’s just our name autolinking program going in to link the names in your post. It scans all new posts every 5 minutes, so this can happen anytime from 0-5 mins after you post it. If you happen to be editing at the same time, you’ll get an editing conflict message, which you can overwrite.


Thank you very much!!

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