Potenial honor name?

{Quick disclaimer: Nowhere near having kids just think of combos}

[name_m]Hi[/name_m] ,

So recently my mum , my dad and I were discussing names. [name_f]Maddison[/name_f] was a name that was decided for me long before my parents even met by my mum and grandmother who I sadly never met. However my dad recently said that if it was up to him and him alone my name would be [name_m]Redding[/name_m]. I personally think it’s kinda cool. So I wanted to pass it over to you guys and ask you what you think. Would you put it in the first name spot or the middle name spot? What names of mine do you think would go with it (boys names I like are like [name_m]Crosby[/name_m] , [name_m]Fielder[/name_m] , [name_u]Chandler[/name_u] , [name_m]Daley[/name_m] etc. , girls names are in my signature)?

Thank you!

Are you thinking [name_m]Redding[/name_m] for a girl? In that case I’d prefer it in the middle spot, as it feels super masculine to me.
For a boy I think it would work well in the first name spot, and it fits really well with you other boys names. [name_m]Crosby[/name_m], [name_m]Fielder[/name_m] and [name_m]Redding[/name_m] would be handsome brothers!
I do like the name, and wonder where your dad found it or came up with it. It’s spunky and fun and fits in well with current name trends.

I don’t mind it for either gender it would really come down to what combo I like it in. You’ve actually made me like the name more for a boy though so whilst it doesn’t matter , leaning more towards boy atm. To be honest I don’t know where my dad found it either. He’s not a name geek like I am and we don’t know anyone with this name so it’s still a mystery. Thank you!

I prefer it for a boy as well. If you used it on a girl I would also suggest putting it in the middle spot. I’ve never heard of the name but I think it’s cool and definitely feels on trend.

Okay. I think you and @columbiacharm have converted me to the boys side so now I just need to think of a combo. Thank you!!

Anyone else?

Is your dad an Otis Redding fan?

I think it works well for boys or girls, though it feels “safer” on a boy than girl. It fits well with the other surname names on your boys’ list.

It would be sweet as a girl’s middle too, though, especially since it’s meaningful to you. Depending on whether allitteration is a problem for you, it could work with most of the girl’s names on your list. Serena Redding is a little hard for me to say and Joplin Redding or Barrett Redding would be a lot of surname, but I could see Joplin Grace and Candace Redding as sisters, or Cambria Hazel and Fern Redding or Dorothy Redding etc as sisters.

It’s a lovely way to honour your dad, and seems to fit with your style. Otis Redding gives it some musical cred, and it’s apparently the name of a city in California (which fits well with Cambria on your list).

I don’t think so. He might be but I’ve never heard him mention [name_m]Otis[/name_m] Reddings’ music. Thank you for the combo suggestions though. I wasn’t 100% how it would work as a middle but now I see it works really well. Thank you!

Absolutely love these names from pp. just add that I would not shy away from using it for a girl. So colorful like [name_f]Scarlett[/name_f] but thats about me not for everyone.