Potential Pet Dilema

So my fiance and I are getting close to the time where we need to get looking at a place to live once we are married, which is pretty stressful. Pretty much nothing in our budget (and that’s including high crime areas and downright nasty apartments…), but we are hopeful that something will open up closer to when we need it. We haven’t been too picky in our search, other than basic things like it having proper insulation, no mold, etc. Well, I have been hearing about an increasing number of cases of peeping toms in our town, and I’ve heard personal stories that make my skin crawl. I’ve experienced some rough stuff in the past, so I can be a little wary and feel unsafe anyhow, but this really makes me nervous. My fiance works 3rds, and I work 2nds, plus have college classes during the day (hours and days change each semester). Five nights a week, he won’t be home with me. I don’t like being alone at night, especially with this crap going on.

I’ve been seriously considering getting a dog, if where we live allows pets. I like dogs, I’ve had them on and off my entire life, and I’m no stranger to the attention and care they need. I recently had to get rid of my little dog that I had for several years, that was literally my best friend. I’m reluctant to get another dog and potentially have to go through that again, but I love having the company and potential protection. I just don’t want to get a dog just for that though. I’m not sure that we would have time to take care of a dog either. Depending on my hours, it might not need to be home alone much, and my fiance would be home (albeit asleep, since his days are flip-flopped) with it. I know he probably wouldn’t want to get up and take it out though.

Has anyone else ever been in a similar situation, and what did you do? Any advice?