Potty Training - boy

My boy will be 3 in [name]March[/name]. He was doing wonderful with potty training the beginning of [name]October[/name]. We had gotten to the point that he would run into the bathroom & go pee all on his own. I was so happy & pleased with him! He still struggled with pooping in the potty though. Well it seems that around Halloween he stopped. All the progress had come to a hault & we were back at square one. He had been in undies all the time except for sleeping & out of the house. My hubby went on a hunting trip for a week & half & during this time my boy regressed completely. He wouldn’t even attempt to make it to the potty. Where ever he was, he’d just pee right there. So I decided to back off for a couple weeks & put him back in diapers. I was still asking him throughout the day if he needed to go potty & he’d always say no. Over the weekend I decided to put him back in undies…he’s only gone in the potty once. He doesn’t tell me right away that he has peed somewhere…I have to go hunt through the house to find it usually. [name]Do[/name] I need back off totally & try again after [name]Christmas[/name]? We will be away for Thanksgiving & I don’t want to waste my money on pullups 'cause to him they are no different than diapers. He is a very independent tempermental little boy. He gets soo mad if he wants to do something himself & isn’t given the time to do it. Advice?

No one has advice?? :frowning:

I say wait until he’s ready, there’s no need to make it a struggle.

I’ve heard the 3 day potty training method works well (just google it), but I haven’t tried it yet with my kids are they are only 16 months. Good luck!

Potty training doesn’t have have to be hard or stressful. Potty training is very much necessary for boys so you can use potty training toys which are easily available in market. Using potty seat you can easily sit your baby on potty seat to prepare for potty.

I wouldn’t stress. I work with young children, and it does sound as though with dad going away your son has been put off toilet training. If you feel as though you will be quite busy over the next month- I do suggest that you wait and try again with things have calmed down a bit.
He’s also at an age where he is probably so busy exploring his surroundings that he doesn’t want to ‘waste time’ to go to the toilet.
Maybe you could have a break and start afresh for the new year. It is completely normal for young children to ‘regress’ during busy times when toilet training! [name]Hope[/name] this was helpful

Thanks for input! He has started telling me though not all the time, when he’s peed or pooped in his diaper. I believe I will wait 'til the new year & see if maybe he’ll decide on his own to start using the potty again as he can take the diapers off himself.