Is there a website that shows you a prediction of how many kids you have when you are older? AND if they are boys or girls?

I predict you will have 3 kids. 2 boys and a girl.



Nothing genuine, I’m sure. It’s up to nature, not the internet. :slight_smile:

Well I’m not going to tell you this is accurate, but you can try it for fun. My mom’s coworker does this and supposedly she’s never been wrong.

Thread a needle. Hold out your hand, whichever hand you write with, palm up. Place the needle on your palm, and then pull the string up slowly. Be sure to keep the hand holding the thread steady. If the needle swings in a circular motion, it’s a girl. If it goes back and forth like a pendulum, it’s a boy. There’s your first baby! Let the thread unwind, straighten it out, and do it again. That’s your next baby! Keep doing it. It will keep working until it gets to your last baby, then the needle with hang straight without swinging.

Again, this probably (pretty much definitely) isn’t true. But it’s still fun!