Pregnancy Test!

Hey fellow Berries! Tomorrow my husband is driving me to the OB/GYN and we’re going to see if I’m pregnant. I’ve been feeling very nauseous, tired, and irritable. My youngest Zhoe turned 4 in [name]December[/name] and we are ready to have more. I’m a little nervous, I’m afraid they’re are going to tell me I’m not pregnant and we’re really wanting another child. I’m making a name list right now, for boys and girls. Oh, and let’s not forget it could be twins, seeing as how I’m a twin, [name]Colin[/name] (my husband) has two sets of twin brothers, and [name]Isobel[/name] & [name]Liv[/name] (my 6 year old daughters) are fraternal twins! Wow. This is crazy, 4 children. Lol, a lot to take in.

Good luck! Any reason you’re not taking a home pregnancy test?

Well, I don’t know, my husband and I thought going to the doctor would be more efficient. We’ve never used a home pregnancy test, I don’t really know why though.

Good luck testing, hope you get the result you want :slight_smile:
It would have been more efficient and cost effective for you to take a test at home though!

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did you find out the results? I’m curious? and i just recently found out i was pregnant also.