Pregnant 2012/2013

[name]Just[/name] wanted to make a forum separate from the TTC one, so those who are pregnant can discuss anything.

My Dh and I are having our first baby who is due in Feb 2013 and we have an ultrasound coming up in [name]August[/name]! Our family doesn’t know yet and we will tell them after our first appt and show them the picture for proof :slight_smile: I have been really tired but feel really sick all the time! I haven’t slept inf weeks and my breasts are super sore! [name]How[/name] is everyone else doing?

edit: Wanted to add a fear I have! My husband is a NY Firefighter and works weird hours. I am afraid when the baby comes I will be all alone :frowning: I hate sleeping without him when he works nights.

So exciting for you! Are you excited to tell your families? [name]Do[/name] you have anything fun planned to make the announcement?

I’m due in February too (doctor says 8th, I say 10th, but we’re having twins so it’ll probably be neither of them anyway) and my DH also works weird hours/overnight shifts a few times a week. He’s a doctor. Sometimes I hate when he’s not in bed at night, but other nights, I sleep better! lol I think it comes from almost 10 years of living with this schedule. I’m used to it and it’s very predictable!

Are you afraid that he will be working when you go into labor or when you are alone with a newborn? If #1, he’ll get to the hospital in time, I promise (well as long as you tell him to come! lol) If #2, it will be an adjustment for sure. Everything will be new since it’s your first baby so you are at an advantage that you can adjust your schedule and sorta make things up as you go along – aka do what works best for you. [name]Night[/name] time is a somewhat anxious time for any new parent because you know baby will wake up and you know you will be tired! In the first weeks/months, sleep when your baby sleeps – even if you just lie down to nap or read a book or do something quiet. That extra sleep will come in handy during late nights. [name]Set[/name] reasonable expectations. You might hear about a friend’s baby that sleeps through the night at 6 weeks old, but that is not the norm. [name]Don[/name]'t worry if your baby wakes up more than that or seems to nurse more often. [name]Every[/name] baby is different and take your cues from your own baby! Is there any spouses group for firefighters? Doctors have groups for their spouses and it’s sometimes nice to talk to someone who really understands your schedule and lifestyle. Or, seek out a new mom’s group. It’s so nice to have support. And finally, enjoy your circumstance. Sometimes I loved the nights when DH would be working and I’d let one of the older girls sleep in my bed or I’d just use the time to do something special with the baby. They grow so fast!

I was very very tired in the beginning, but starting to get some of my energy back. I have a ton of nausea this week and it’s worse in the afternoons and evenings. I hate throwing up!
I’ve had two appointments (and ultrasounds) so far because I am “blessed” with being high risk during pregnancy.

My advice – eat lots of protein! It’s the best way to get extra calories in and the growing baby and placenta need protein! It also helps your body adjust to the increased blood flow and volume. My favorite protein snacks- wheat toast with peanut butter, hard boiled eggs, and greek yogurt.

good idea norseberry!

we are due in [name]March[/name] 2013 :smiley: still can’t believe I’m typing that! We for that have a slight problem in that theres a genetic disease the family so we will be getting tests done in utero for that before we know if everything is ok, hopefully this should all coincide with around 12-14 weeks (by the time we get results back) so we wont have to wait too long to tell people. We don’t really want anyone to know before then as if there a problem, they may not necessarily agree with what we decide to do. We are trying not to think about it too much & just hoping it’ll be ok.

I’m almost 5 weeks now, got the midwives number from my gp so will give them a call early next week to make a booking appointment. I’m feeling so tired & not sleeping great either, boobs are so sore & having loads of abdominal cramps. I was feeling quite nauseous last week but I also had a urine infection & since thats been treated its died down a bit. I’ve really gone off tea too which is weird as I love tea!

Due February 20th 2013.

As most of you already know from our TTC thread, most of my symptoms have been a walk through the park. I am lucky! I was extremely tired at first and naps helped but I find I am already started to do better fatigue wise. It doesn’t help that I can’t sleep through the night because I have to wake up to pee every few hours or need more water because I cannot seem to get enough. My doctor wants me to drink 4L a day, partially related to the bleeding I had earlier this week. Otherwise sore boobs have been my main issue. I need to sleep with a built in bra type tank because it is so painful when I move in bed! In the beginning I didn’t have much of an appetite and felt full anytime I ate and nothing seemed good to me, but around the 7 week mark I started to get hungrier and more specific wants in regards to food. I am now officially a crazy pregnant woman if I am hungry. Seriously, if I am hungry I need food or someone will get hurt! Once I eat I am fine and don’t even have as big of an appetite as I used to haha. My cravings have been so so. Nothing like “I just need this now” like my hunger gets, but I haven been wanting food I never thought of before. [name]Even[/name] last night I had a dream that DH and I had a second wedding in [name]California[/name] and we were hanging out in our hotel in our pjamas eating our wedding cake which was the BEST chocolate cake ever! We had my favorite cake in life once at a deli a few years ago and it was in my dream… then I had a mango smoothie from [name]Orange[/name] [name]Julius[/name] lol. I have had a lot of smoothies these last few weeks.

The scary part, at 7w4d I was out at an adoption event for our foster dog and suddenly felt like I went my pants. Went to the ladies room and found a lot of blood. It was scary. I had no cramping but it was a reason to be concerned so I went to the ER. Blood test showed good numbers, pelvic exam showed a closed cervix and only old blood left, u/s showed baby measuring 7w5d, hb 153BPM. No sign of the cause of the bleeding, everything as perfect. We were so relieved but they still wanted me to have a follow up with my OB on [name]Monday[/name]. [name]Sunday[/name] and [name]Monday[/name] I had the same bleeding. A sudden gush of bright red followed by old blood. The not-so-lovely front desk lady at my OB office didn’t seem to think I needed an apt and I kept urging her to book me in. She finally agreed and I went in at the end of the day. Well, the twat booked me up for my first prenatal appointment! I TOLD her I am going to a a CNM/birth center and cancelled my appointments and just need to confirm the progression on my pregnancy. My OB was really annoyed with her and couldn’t do a blood test or anything at this time of day. She did do another pelvic exam and cervix was still closed and only found old blood. Uterus felt fine. She booked me in for another u/s on Friday to confirm the progression. If there are any concerns I need bloodwork, if not then I am free to go on to the birthing center :slight_smile: We plan on announcing at the end of the first trimester. I have it all planned out already haha.

Great to hear from other pregnant berries!

Vintagemoon- it’s so exciting that you are pregnant! I hope the genetic tests go well!

Tinabina- Very scary experience! You are truly lucky!

To answer some questions…
I have no idea how to tell my family! I kept thinking of clever ideas and I just can’t! I know what we will do for baby showier/ baby gender reveal…
Also, I am so nervous about being alone with the newborn when my Dh will have to work overnight shift. His job is strenuous and dangerous! Thank God, the FDNY gives time off for paternity leave though! So I know he will be at the hospital when I am in labor and will be with me for e first two weeks, but then he will be back at work! I have yet to talk to my boss about my maternity leave.

Congrats to all u ladies!!!

I am due with our 3rd on [name]Christmas[/name] [name]Day[/name] but since I have big babies ( 9 lbs14oz and 10lbs 3oz) I will have a scheduled C on the 19th or 20th. I am lucky too that exhaustion is my biggest complaint and that has eased now that I am 16 weeks…though having a 5 and 2 year old at home means that I am always tired!!!

My best advice norseberry if you are nervous being alone with the baby is to read a lot about what to expect the first year so when something happens you will comfortable about what to do. What to expect when u are expecting is far from a perfect book but it will give you basic knowledge… Dr Sears has a decent book too. I found that since I read so much that I was calmer and thus the baby was too.

Oh and I kicked my husband into the guest room by about 5 months with my first 2 so you might start to enjoy sleeping or trying to sleep without him!

Today my uterus is sore as a mother… Like it had a workout! I went poking around as I do every so often and I can just feel it poking around my pelvic bone. Hopefully this is a good sign that baby is growing like a champ and kicking my uterus up and out. I’m do nervous for the u/s tomorrow to confirm progression. [name]Even[/name] worse DH can’t come because the only time they had he has class he can’t miss. I’ll probably cry regardless. Hoping for happy tears.

I have been feeling that, too!
I already bought a bunch of pregnancy and first year books :slight_smile: the sleeping without my husband could work, but I already do it when he is on call or overnight shift.

I’m due [name]March[/name] 2013. This is my second baby. My husband is in the military, so I know all too well the fear of him being gone. Like other’s mentioned, you might actually like not having him in bed. Sleep is about to get really uncomfortable for you. :slight_smile: It’s definitely nice to have the men there at night the first couple of months, but it’s not neccessary. Once he gets off paternity leave, and you are still on your maternity leave, he’s going to need to get lots of sleep to be functional for work. You’ll be exhausted, but you’ll be fine. :slight_smile: I’m having lots of nausea with this pregnancy. I’m also a little freaked out because I can already see my belly rounding out. I’ve heard that you start showing a lot sooner with your second, but this is ridiculous!

Good news baby is growing perfectly! Measuring 8w3d now HB 162 BPM, I even got to hear the heart beat. Yesterday I could feel my uterus coming up to pelvic bone level. I decided to feel around because I felt like my uterus had a work out all day lol.

In the pic you can see baby is on its back, head to the right in the photo ad feet to the left with the yolk sac at the toes! Last weekend baby was the other way on its side.

Awww [name]Tina[/name]! I can see your baby! :slight_smile:
Also, glad to know there are others whose husbands are like mine

aww tina how lovely!

I am totally stressed out today, I called my local midwives this morning to arrange an appointment, I knew it was quite early to do so but I’m a bit anxious about the prenatal diagnostic test i’ll need & wanted to get booked in asap. The midwife who I spoke to was very rude, she said I was too early & to ring in 2 weeks. I explained that I was calling early as I needed genetic testing & she just snapped at me that i wouldn’t get that this early anyway (which I know, but I also know how long it takes to organise all the appointments I’d need). She then asked me what disorder so I told her & she said she knew what it was (unlikely as it is seriously rare) but said nothing about it, just told me to take folic acid. If she’d really known about it she’d have realised that I’m anxious about the whole thing.

Im now feeling really stressed about calling again, plus I’ve worked with one of the other teams in the area & have heard a lot of bad things about the midwife I’ll be with. Im really worried that everything will end up being delayed & I know it can take weeks to get results back for genetics. Me & dh obviously both want to know if things are ok as soon as possible as we wont be telling anyone until we know, plus the results may mean we will terminate the pregnancy & we’d much rather that was as early as possible. Totally worrying myself over it now as I like to plan & I can’t

[name]Don[/name]'t stress vintagemoon! Is there anyway you can see a new midwife? If not then just realize you have to wait until the beginning of the 2nd trimester I believe it is anyways to have any genetic testing done. I’d just call again and see if there is someone else you can speak to and explain you know you can’t go now but you have fears and want to at least get your appointment booked for peace of mind and that there is no reason to deny you that. Sometimes we seem to get the “idiot” at the front desk and just need to be pushy. What is the earliest that they will see you?

[name]Just[/name] found out last night that I’m also expecting!!! [name]Glad[/name] I can share it on here because I’m having trouble staying quiet to friends and family.
According to charts, looks like I’m four weeks and due [name]March[/name] 26th 2013. Yippee…

Congrats and good luck everyone!!!

Congrats!!! :slight_smile: Are you still having troubles finding a name to match with [name]Pilot[/name] and [name]Dexter[/name]? (Names I love, btw…)

Due February 9th with our first! It’s not been fun so far let me tell you. I have hyperemesis and am relying on IV infusions to get the liquids I need. It’s no picnic and I detest missing work. Here’s hoping it clears up any day/week now.

So great to read about how other ladies are doing. Great thread idea.

@norseberry- yes I am… I just posted a revised list in the baby name forum.

Ugh think I’m getting afternoon sickness instead of morning sickness

rachelleah and vintagemoon - so sorry you guys aren’t feeling great (for your own reasons). Stay strong! VM - I do get a bit nauseated before bed sometimes, but I find the timing of my B6 vitamin helps a lot. It can relieve symptoms you get from increased progesterone. I think it may be the reason I have been feeling so good for the first trimester!

Congrats thrallamanda :slight_smile:

I am 9 weeks today yeeee we have our next appt on [name]Monday[/name] and hoping we can hear the heartbeat on the doppler! My uterus is coming up from behind the pelvic bone, I can feel it so hopefuly that means we will. It looks like we’ll have to announce sooner so I just want to make sure we hear the HB one more time first. I’m really nervous about announcing at 10-10.5 weeks and fear something will go wrong but we have different ppl from my family planning trips with and for us and its just hard and feels dishonest not telling them because it will change some plans so we decided to tell them next week. If it was just my parents I know they could keep it a secret but I don’t feel right telling mine and not DH’s so we’ll tell them both. DH’s parents cannot keep a secret so we’ll announce on FB right after we tell them.

[name]Lucky[/name] you [name]Tina[/name]. I might look into taking extra B6, I’ve read that you do need to be careful not to take too much as it an cause nerve damage. Gonna go to the drs tomorrow as I have another urine infection so I’ll ask about it then.

Rachelleah - you poor thing, fingers crossed it clears up soon!

[name]Tina[/name] - I know what you mean about needing to tell people, it’s really hard to hide it, I’ve had to make excuses this week to avoid going to a theme park as I’d normally go on all the fast rides & obviously I can’t now.

Congrats thrallamanda!