Pregnant and irregular periods?

[name_m]Hi[/name_m]. Obviously this is a question directed at mums or those who are pregnant. ( Not sure where to put this topic either, sorry) so for those who find it applicable I’d appreciate some feedback. :blush:

I have a question on irregular periods and pregnancy?
I have two boys who were concieved really quickly, both first cycles for me which is great. At the time my periods were regular ( 29 day cycle and all was pretty normal)

After the birth of my second child. I had a period for a good six months and it made me anemic.
I had a scan on my uterus and my ovaries/fallopian tubes and everything all looked completely normal.

It was advised for me to go and have a IUD fitted in order to make my periods lighter and there was some discussion regarding PCOS. Although I never got a diagnoses and I personally felt like that was completely ridiculous, given as I concieved so quickly with my two children and have zero symptoms of PCOS other than irregular/weird cycles

Anyway, in order to solve the long period problems. I had a [name_f]Kyleena[/name_f] coil, 2 years ago and now have had it removed. It got removed at the start of Feb.( This month)

[name_f]My[/name_f] partner and I will be TTC our third from next month.
When I was on the coil it did make my periods super light and super irregular. Sometimes I wouldn’t even get a period so it was like I skipped a month.

I am a bit concerned that having irregular periods may mean I am not ovulating properly?
And it will make the detection of ovulating hard to determine.

Has anyone been in a similar boat to what I am?
Has anyone got pregnant without any issue, regardless of irregular cycles?
Has anyone got pregnant without any problems after a coil removal?

I realise that next month will be my first month in TTC so it’s probably premature to ask this. It’s just I am a tad concerned about it.

Also I am currently awaiting for my period to return as of now.


I’ve moved this to Momberries category, since it’s directed at mums :blush:

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Ok thanks. I wasn’t too sure where to put it.

I’m not in this boat exactly, but I had a couple of thoughts, so I hope you don’t mind me sharing. :blush:

The [name_f]Kyleena[/name_f] coil runs off levonorgestrel, which is an ovulation interrupter. While you had the coil in, you wouldn’t have been ovulating and the bleeding was not really period’s, but your body’s way of dealing with the confused hormones. Cycle symptoms are irregular on birth control because of the effects of the synthetic hormones.

Now that you’ve had the coil removed and your natural cycle has commenced, you’ll be able to get an actual read on your cycle and whether it is going to be irregular. Given your coil only came out this month, it may take a couple of cycles to get a hang of what’s going on.

My point overall is: whatever you experienced on the hormonal control means zip now because you’ve now removed it from your body and your cycle will look different from now on. There’s no reason to assume your ovulation won’t return to normal and that conception can’t be as easy as before.

I hope that helps :blush:


Anyone ? :eyes:

Thanks. It’s a bit conflicting info and that’s not what I was told by the docs :thinking::joy:because the hormone is localised to the womb it isn’t in the bloodstream like the pill or implant, so physiologically it should not have any impact on ovulation as such?
I was told one of the ways in which the IUD works is it thickens the cervical mucus and thins the uterine lining which reduces the chance of a pregnancy.
I agree it’s synthetic hormone and can massively disrupt period cycle! IUDs are a mystery! So glad it’s been removed. :blush:

You are correct :slight_smile:

You still ovulate with an IUD, the IUD just makes your uterus a “hostile environment” that a fertilized egg can not grow in. They also release hormones that change the way sperm moves so they cannot reach the egg. Some people do not get their period as much or at all with an IUD because the IUD thins the cervical lining so there is nothing to shed, but it does not stop ovulation at all

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I am no expert, but from what I was told with most forms of birth control it can take your body awhile to readjust and hormone levels can be a bit weird which can cause irregular cycles, (for I was told up to 6 months, but that probably varies depending on birth control and your body.) However the birth control itself shouldn’t affect your ability to ovulate or get pregnant
Hopefully that’s what you were asking?

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Reassuring thanks!

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I’m not a mum but I feel like I can contribute to this thread. [name_f]My[/name_f] mum said her periods are rarely regular yet me and my sister are 16 months apart so she must have been conceived pretty quickly so unless my sister was an ‘accident’ I definitely think you should be able to conceive. I might take a little longer but its doable.

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Thank you x

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