Problem with ads

I use Android 10 on a OnePlus 7 Pro for reference when this problem occurs.

When I go to type a response to a post, sometimes ads will pop up at the bottom of the screen. This makes it so I can’t see what I’m typing. Then, when I click the X that I would think makes the ad go away, it doesn’t !!!

For the record, I have no issue with ads themselves. The issue is I can’t see what I am typing which makes me unable to post.

I really love nameberry but this is making it very hard to use for me.

If anyone else has this issue or if there’s a solution please let me know so I can continue enjoying this forum… :worried:


I have an iPhone 6 and the ads popping up at the bottom are driving me crazy too!

They’re in the way so I can’t click on the links at the bottom of the screen to go back to the forum pages which is really annoying.


Examples of my problem with the ads-

I have two different ad blockers running on my phone (where I primarily use NB) and since I’ve installed them, the ads on here have (thankfully) not been a problem. I have an iPhone, but I’m sure it’d work the same on an Android.

Not sure if these particular ones are available of Android, but I specifically use Adblock Plus and [name_u]Legacy[/name_u] (old version of 1blocker, apparently there’s a new version so they renamed it - it’s still on the AppStore, though).

Please see the pinned post on this :point_down: for steps you can take to help us remove problematic ads from the site.

We do not choose the ads, so we need specific information from people experiencing issues with certain ads that we can send to our ad partner to be blocked.

It’s interesting you think it’s an issue with specific ads. When in my opinion, the issue is with the placement of the ads. Not the ads themselves. At least for my issues, perhaps others are having different issues. All of my ads show on the bottom of the page, it isn’t a specific set doing it. @kat


Yep, I have exactly the same problem! I usually have to reboot the browser. I also don’t think it’s an issue with the particular ads but the placement or some other glitch that makes them unable to close. I’m on Android.

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@vera.valentina @elleplume

Ah, I see, so it’s all ads that appear there, rather than a particular annoying ad or group of ads? And it’s stopping you being able to use the site?

@pam is the placement of ads something that can be altered?

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Yep, just on the phone version! They sit right over the top of the comment section and every so often won’t close when we try push the “x” meaning we can’t comment unless we reboot.

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This happens to me as well, and many times the solution is just to reload the page and click the navigation buttons before the next ad pops up…

I started having the same issue this morning, (iPhone 8, latest iOS update) but I found that if I scroll up on the page, I’m able to close the ad?

These photos are exactly what I deal with. And they are random. Sometimes they’ll pop up, sometimes they won’t. And when they do, tapping the X does nothing. So annoying.


I get these ads all the time, as well! I’ve emailed about a few of them, and have since not seen them, so thank you! It never occured to me that the main problem is the placement of them, but I agree! Whenever they pop up and won’t close (no matter how many times I click the X), I have to refresh my page in order to post the comment.

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