Pronounciation of Ciara!

I wanted to name the main character in my story [name_f]Ciara[/name_f] (pron. [name_u]Sierra[/name_u]), but I found out that [name_f]Ciara[/name_f] is actually pronounced [name_m]KEER[/name_m]-a. Should I use this name pronounced the way I like it, or the real pronounciation? Or, should I use a completely different name? Please help!

I personally know an Irish girl, [name_f]Ciara[/name_f], who pronounces her name [name_m]Keer[/name_m]-a. This causes a lot of confusion and people sometimes think it’s pronounced [name_u]Sierra[/name_u]. Since it’s a legitimate Irish name, I would go with an entirely different name so it doesn’t seem like you’re accidentally mispronouncing a real name. You can always use [name_u]Sierra[/name_u], or anything else with a similar sound.
Good luck with you story!

My cousin’s name is [name_f]Ciara[/name_f], pronounced [name_u]Sierra[/name_u]. I think it is fine. But maybe include a pronunciation guide? :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’d pronounce it as [name_m]Keer[/name_m]-a as that’s the legitimate Irish pronunciation, and the Ciaras I’ve known say it that way. I never even knew people pronounced it like [name_u]Sierra[/name_u] until there was a singer in the mid 00s called [name_f]Ciara[/name_f] who said it as [name_u]Sierra[/name_u]. To be honest, readers will read the name whichever way they like, and I don’t think it really matters, unless it’s important to the story that it’s said a certain way. If you think the name fits, keep it,

That said, you could always whack in a paragraph like this:

“My parents liked the sea air, which was how my name came about - it’s pronounced sea-air-uh, and I’ve lost count of the number of teachers I’ve had to explain it to, that no, there’s no hard K sound at the start of my name, regardless of how many other Ciaras you’ve come across that pronounce it differently to me. Sometimes I wish my parents had spelt my name differently, or gone with a different name entirely - my best friend [name_f]Lucy[/name_f] has no problems with people saying her name wrongly.”

Basically acknowledging you know there’s a different pronunciation of [name_f]Ciara[/name_f] but you’re still using the one you like, in a way that sort of explains why the character has the unusual pronunciation (other than ‘the author likes it better’)

Use [name_u]Sierra[/name_u] if you want it pronounced ‘see-air-a’. As [name_f]Ciara[/name_f] is Irish, the only pronunciation is ‘keer-a’.

I would have said kee-ar-uh >.> Because it looks like [name_f]Chiara[/name_f]. But my second thought would have been keer-ah and THEN see-ahr-ah THEN see-air- ah.

If you want [name_u]Sierra[/name_u], you should use [name_u]Sierra[/name_u] or pronounce the name properly. Or if you want a “creative” spelling of [name_u]Sierra[/name_u] maybe find a better one? Siarra?

Or here’s some alternate spellings that could work that I found elsewhere:


I know one [name_f]Ciara[/name_f] - she’s American and pronounces it like [name_f]Kiara[/name_f] (kee-ar-uh). But I’m sure the proper pronunciation is keer-uh like everyone’s saying.

The only Ciaras I know pronounce it [name_u]Sierra[/name_u]. The Keiras and Kieras I know pronounce it Kee-rah.

I know a [name_f]Ciara[/name_f] from [name_f]Ireland[/name_f] who pronounces it Kee-rah. Having grown up hearing it pronounced [name_u]Sierra[/name_u] or See-are-ah, I found this pronunciation to be really cute and just a little bit exotic - kind of a smart, well-traveled feel.

The girl I know with the name pronounces it this way. Key-ah-ruh (I’m assuming Kee and Key are pronounced the same).
Clearly it isn’t the legitimate prnunciation

Since [name_f]Ciara[/name_f]'s official pronunciation is “keer-uh” I would spell it [name_u]Sierra[/name_u] if you want that pronunciation. My name actually is [name_f]Kiera[/name_f] so when I see people pronounce [name_f]Ciara[/name_f] wrong it bugs me.