Pronunciation of a name I've recently fallen in love with

I recently stumbled upon [name]Thalassa[/name], and absolutely love it, especially for it’s meaning (the sea- I love “nautical” names). [name]How[/name] would you pronounce this though?

It’s beautiful, I have it on my middle list! I believe it’s pronounced ta-LASS-a, or tha-LASS-ah. I know how to say it, but I’m not a linguistic expert! Let’s hope dantea shows up so she can tell you the proper way.

Oh golly, I wouldn’t know how to pronounce it with any confidence but would probably take a stab at Tha-lassa.

Ohh that’s pretty! After doing some google searching, “how to pronounce thalassa” the couple audio examples I listened to said it tha-lass-uh.